10 common smartphone myths solved

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The most commonly used device in today’s world is smartphone. We tend to use it more frequently than any other device. Hence it is said as the most personal device.

There are so many misconceptions about it where people ask questions in social forums as well as fight between themselves in the comment sections so i thought its time to throw on some light on it so lets begin

Charging my phone overnight will reduce the stamina of the battery in the long run?

Definitely not the modern day smartphones is simply just not called smartphones they work smart. The battery charges from 0 to 70 percent on no time and reduces the speed after that also it cuts down the supply when it reaches to 100 so it is ok to plug your phone in the night and take back in the morning

Charging frequently will affect the battery?

This is not true i seriously recommend you not to fully drain your battery charging in the mid day realy helps the battery life in the long run and the modern day battery is designed to be charged that way so you can charge as many tines you want if required.

Battery life can be improved by closing the background apps?

Actualy its the other way round  keeping all apps closed everytime makes your phone to restart the application from the scratch and load all the contents so it consumes more battery than running in the background all modern phones come with atleast 2gb of ram so even if the ram is full the phone closes the un opened app for a long period so you can be quite fine leaving it opened.

You only have to use the supplied charger to get the best charging speeds ?

This is not true in case of apple the supplied charger is very slow you can use the ipad charger to charge faster. In case of android the supplied charger would not support fast charging to cut cost, if you buy a charger from branded, reputed company you are going to do just fine.

Quick charging overheats my phone and its bad for the phone?

Quick charging is nothing but supplying more current to your smartphone so from budget phone to flagship phones all will get warm to the touch and its realy pretty normal.

More the megapixel its better the camera?

Its realy not that way infact all the manufacturers once had 23mp, 21mp 16mp rear cameras and they have downgraded to 13mp or 12mp respectively. Because smartphone camera has only a very little space so to pack more number of pixels will reduce more light to come into the sensor, thus results in poor low light photography.
More the ram higher the speed?
People now a days need more ram and they think more the ram the higher speeds the phone gets its a false statement people have to realy see the processor and the gpu of the smartphone. In day to day scenario 3 to 4 gigs is more than enough for heavy multitasking. More than that anything higher is not going to make any change
More the pixels in the display more the better quality the screen is?
Sony has released 4k display in smartphones which is stunning no doubt about that but it is going to consume more battery life most of the smartphone comes with a qhd resolution which is 2560 x 1440 pixels. But anything over 300ppi is going to be sharp to the human eyes. So if a bad panel of qhd display is in a smartphone its going to reflect and not going to be bright in direct sunlight.
More the signal better the internet speed?
This is a wrong concept the speed of the internet is how good the network speed id offered to the customers and how many cellphones in that particular area is connected to the tower determines the speed. You could get incredible speeds with a lesser range if the tower is not flooded with too many connections
Sleepong with the phone near you will affect your health?
This is not true straining your eyes in the dark room may affect your eyesight even for that smartphones has enabled blue light filters, night modes, night shifts to reduce strain but sleeping with it the phone goes to a low power or doze mode and restricts all background running programs. Its recommended to switch of mobile data, wifi and gps connections while not using the phone. So it becomes absolutely normal.
So what are the myths do you have or heard about smartphones. Was this article useful to know about your doubts do you have any other myth feel free to write it down in the comments
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