10 playstation games you should not miss out playing this year

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After the launch of PS4 pro and playstation VR developers are challenged to bring out the best from them. Which is graphicaly intensive and a visual treat

Some games mentioned here might already been released or yet to be released, the release date would be mentioned if its available so lets get started this may not be in any particular order every game is equal in its own right.

The Last Guardian

Last guardian is an actiom adventure game which was released in december 2016 its created by SIE studios Japan and published by Sony Interactive studio. You play in as a young boy who befriends a giant half bird half mammal creature. The game is a bit cartoon style with some amazing visuals . It was underdevelepment from 2007 and was rumoured to be released in PS3 then also for PS Vita but finaly saw the light on PS4 this game has a metacritic score of 8/10

Yakuza 0

Yakuza is an open world action adventure game which happens in tolyo. Yakuza games are popular since a decade now from the days of PS2. Yakuza 0 is a prequel to yakuza games which happens in the year of  december 1988. Yakuza was released in january 24 2017. If you are a fan of Japanese games you are right at home exploring Japan. 30 hours of story mode with many side quests and missions free roaming is also available makes Yakuza replayability very high. The metacritic score is 8.5/10

Horizon Zero Dawm

The game is an action role playing open world adventure game by Guerrilla games and published by Sony interactive entertainment  in february 28 2017. The game is a playstation exclusive the plot is revolved around a girl called Aloy, a hunter and an archer who lives in a dangerous world which is overun by robots which kept her sheltered now she wants to discover the danger. RPG elements and mechanics needed to master the game a stunning world to explore makes this one of the most beautiful game. This has a metacritic score of 9/10

Days Gone

This is one game which stunned everyone in E3 2016, The game is developed by bend studios the game is an post apocalyptic zombie horror thriller which resembles like the last of us which we all love. The game revolves around two years after global pandamic occurred where nearly the entire human rays are nearly extinct. Its in 3rd person mode the open world allows ud to complete missions as we like and surviving is the major thing. I highly recommend this game eventhoogh i dont know if it will probably make its release this year.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot N Sane trilogy this is the one game which was asked repeatedly by playstation fans and crash makes it a return i realy dont take remaster games into the list but this one i cant just ignore as of its popularity we all would have played in our childhood days and its coming to ps4 in high definition. The game comes from our favourite developer the Naughty dog which is a collection of 3 game series set to released in June 30 2017
Persona 5
Persona 5 is the 6th instalment of persona games which had a success with its unique story and gameplay ability. The best part is the game comes to both playstation 3 and playstation 4 which will make the fans happy. Thr game is released in Japan  since september 2016 and will make its North America and world wide release in April 2017. Persona 5 revolves around high school students who are put into assuault and explore their powers you need to play the game eealy to understand
God of War
God of War is one of the most famous series for the PS4 this game is in development and not so sure if it will make a 2017 release or not. This is the continuation to the God of War 4 and first time we hope its going to be open world. The story revolves around the protagnist kratod who now has a son named Atreus. Kratos is now the mentor and protector of his son, and has to master his rage which has driven him all these years. The game is developed by Santa monica studio and released by Sony Interactive Entertaintment
Resident Evil 7 Biohazzard
Resident evil 7 is a horror survival game which was released in January 2017 to all the major platforms. This is the 24th instalment of the series which comes as a first person perspective game the game is fun ti play with the PS VR as it is especialy fully enhanced for it Eventhough the game had mixed reviews its the 3rd best seller in the whole series if you are a fan of horrer thriller you must not miss out, the game is released by capcom and has already shipped 3 million copies worldwide.
For Honour 
The game is developed by the famous developer ubisoft. I included this game because there are fans who like to play with the war background like the game ryse which is an xbox one exclusive and till date one of the best looking games. For honour was released in Febuary 2017 thr game is in 3rd person perspective where you plsy in as soliders, warriors, sanurai, knights and vikings this has a metacritic score of 8/10
Gravity Rush 2
Enjoying a huge success in playstation vita the gravity rush 2 was asked by the fans of vita instead it made to the PS4 but still it can be accessed via remote play. Gravity rush 2 is developed by Japan studios which had a worldwide release on January 2017. It is a action adventure game where the player has to control gravity manipulate unique movements and navigation which is unique from all the above games
I know ps4 games cost around 60$ which always you have to spend your hard earned money so this list will not surely disappoint as its well researched and i dont beleive in pointlessly shooting i strongly beleive games must have a strong story some games like that i didn’t include for that particular reasons are Mass effect andromeda, destiny 2 and there may be a new assasins creed game coming as well as a call of duty these all games are a commercial success. In fighting gene there is injustice 2 which could not make it into the list.

I do not want to add so many hd remasters as i always feel original games are much better even though it could not catch upto classics that is kingdom hearts hd remix which is also comming this year. Prey another solid shooting game which did not make it into the list.

Which games are you going to give it a try please let me know in the comments below. Hope you like the list

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