10 things that can determine you have a galaxy s9

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Samsung GalaGa S9 and S9+ was launched yesterdayy The main thing is they took the design of the S8 perfected iti and launched the S9. The problem is sometimes you could notnshow off the new phone because itsivery similar so here are 10 unique changes you can notice in S9 here are the following


10 The new colour

The Samsung galaxy S9 has launched in Black, Coral Blue, Silver Titanium and Lilac Purple if you buy the purple variant it can easily noticed as a S9 in your hand

9 Fingerprint Sensor

The main change that they made from S8 to S9 is they have moved the fingerprint scanner below the camera which is now reachable and much better position

8 Front firing speakers

Samsung phones are never lauded for their speakers neither this one but the front facing speakers are welcomed its a nice change the fans were asking for and finaly we got it and its definitely better than any previous Samsung phones.

7 Support of Memory card

The Samsung Galaxy S9 now supports a 400 GB memory card. If you end up expanding to a 400 gb card people may notice it as a S9.

6 960 FPS slo mo camera

Sony last year introduced this feature on the Xperia XZ premium now Samsung has included it it takes a 0.2 sec video and stretch it to a 6 sec 720p slow motion video which looks stunning this is a S9 feature.

5 AIemoji

AI emoji is a mixture of bitmoji and animoji it scans our face so that we can make animated GIF or record video which saves to the gallery and you can share it in your chats.

4 Bixby translation

Bixby was improved quite well and now bixby can live translate sign boards and wordings in other language to your language using the camera app. I know this will roll out sooner to other samsung devices but right now its a S9 feature.

3 New Dex doc

Dex was introduced last year which chamges your phone to a PC which you can access in your monitor. This time they have come with a new doc, this time around the headphone jack is accessable and now you can use your phone screen as a mouse to move around.

2 The bezels

The bezels has now a litter more trimmed and looks close to a infinity display. You cannot say in person if you have both phone side by side it is noticable.

1 Yhe Camera Reimagined

Yes Yes this is the one you were waiting for the Samsung Galaxy has a adjustable aperture you can set from 2.4 to 1.5 no in between but one of the above to get a sharper image or a good low light shot in your fingertips. This is first time for a Smartphone camera ever some high end camera is mossing this feature.

So are you impressed with these features and willing to upgradw to a new phone i call it a evolution not revolution. But its upto the fans let your opinions reach them loud and clear.

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