5 things you should do when your battery is about to die?

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Have you been one of them who forgot to charge your phone overnight and left home. Well you are not alone this may happened to all of us several times. If you have a back up battery or a powerbamk then kudos but if you dont here are the five things you can do to survive the day.
1 Set your display brightness low as possible
If you are in direct sunlight then you may need most of us will go indoors for most part of the day. So screen is what we look for everytime so some precious charge could be saved by this
2 Turn off your location gps
We would keep our location on all the time the phone keeps tracking us every mknute this is a privacy issue unless you are traveling or using maps, turn the gps off
3 Dont play games which are graphically intensive
Everyone is a fan of Pokemon go and asphalt 8 like games arent we? But on these situations dont try to use the gpu of the phone which leads to overheating and rapid battery draining if you try doing this you can attend some precious calls
4 Change certain settings for the particular day?
If you have the always on display try to keep it off
If you have raise to wake on iphone off that as well
Keep your vibration completely off trust me when i say this everyphone may have a minimum of 40 to 10/ apps when it pulls notification Everytime your phone vibrates and losses power
Keep your background app refresh off in iphone in Android there is a doze mode so not a problem 6.0 marshmellow and above
Dont take photos in burst mode
Enter your phone into power saver mode
5 Dont use your loudspeaker
This reason may find silly but its true if you want to listen music use your headphones the charge will stay for hours compared to listening audio via speakers in full volume will drain the battery moreover dont answer the calls via loudspeaker
Additional tips
Disconnect your smartwatch from the phone
Be on wifi if available off thr LTE if you are not using it.
Stop using your mobile as hotspot to other devices
If you try following this i hope you could finish the day or atleast sustain longee as much as possible.

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