Android Go what you should know!

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Best part of android is it is a very lighter software versiom the manufacturers can implement on their hardware. As we know there are many levels of entry level phones to highend flagship phone running android.

The top end android flagships are crazy fast running fluidly. But the entry level phone has a crappy lag and running in more than 2 to 3 years old android versiom.

Google first launched with certan apps like youtubeGo, MapsGo, GoogleGo etc to work for phones with less RAM and internal storage. They are more lighter and work flawlessly with those phone


Now in MWC 2018 Google has launched AndroidGo edition phone which runs on Android 8.0 oreo but a lighter versiom with less transition effects. Google has also asked other developers to work on their lighter version of their apps to support the phone.

It is to be noted that google was also working on instant apps that need not be downloaded but can be accessed through web instantly for occasional use. It was told that it needed 8.0 and above for this to work.

As of now only 2% phones running oreo in the market, as company taking ages to push an update this move of Google will allow to increase the instal base of oreo.

Already alcatel has launched a Go editiin for US and other markets. In india its been long rumoured that Google has joined hands with Micromax and the price is roughly speculated around 50$ which is roughly 3000 rs may be there may be a higher variant we don’t know yet but we know it would be 3000 to 5000 rupees

What do you think about this move from google. Smartphone becoming more affordable with latest android version is always a good news for the customers.

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