April 2017 Tech Roundup a busy month

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This is the coverage of all tech news happens in a month so that the tech enthusiasts dont have to read from different places. So i have come with all thinks that intrests you so lets get started

So there are so much amazing phones yet to hit in the market there were many rumours sorrounding it not only phones there is something special too. So lets go right away
Oneplus 5 rumours
Oneplus 5 rumours are out and its is reportedly said that it will skip number 4 which is said to be unlucky in China. It is said that it would come with a 2k screen, Snapdragon 835 and 6 to 8 gb ram. To read it fully i have covered it you can read by clicking the link below
Note 8 rumours
Note 8 is not going anywhere Samsung still wants it to be the top of the line hardware even after their S line is outperforming the Note line for a couple of years now. The Notw 8 is said to come with a dual camera, the fingerprint embedded in the display and 6 to 8 gigs of ram. Some people say it may also come with a 4k display so lets wait and watch for the beauty to arrive.
IPhone 8 rumours
10 anniversary is getting very close so we are getting news every now and then. The latest leak is Apple IPhone 8 the premium model which is going to release with the 7s and 7s plus might get delayed. Report says that Apple is having issues ti put the fingerprint into the display so its going to embed to the back of the phone hope this is not true and we get a classy phone.
HTC U Ocean rumours
HTC U ocean may be the code name for the successor of HTC 10 which is going to release in mid May, It has the same looks of the U series with a smaller 5.3 inch display a snapdragon 835 and boom sound speakers are expected lets hope htc comes with a better competitive price.
Moto C, Moto E4 and Moto X 2017 rumours
There is a new line up comming in the Moto Line up which would be cheaper than the Moto E lomeup and called the Moto C it would target the developing countries for a much affordable option. Moto E4 is expected to have a redesign and have a 2gb ram and mediatek processor.
             While the Moto X is going to have a 5.5 inch full hd display. Retains the headphone jack as well as comes with a snapdragon 625 Soc.
Pricing and Availability
So nuch phone were announced in march just got their official price and release dates so lets see them one by one
Samsung Galaxy S8
The phone is going to have a Indian launch at April 19th and all over the world by April 21. The S8 is said to launch at 57000 around 850$ and the S8+ for 64000 for the base 64gb variants roughly 980$. Which is realy high atleast for India.
The LG G6 is said to launching on April 29th in India. LG started shipping to some other countries and its available the price is 51990 Indian Rupees roughly 800$ they are offering 7000 cash back for certain bank cards. LG is coming late also with an older priccessor also lost in pricing it aggressively so that people might consider it.
Mi 6
Xiaomi has released their flagship phone which is stunning in China on April 19th. It comes in 3 colour variants with dual camera, Snapdragon 835 and a 5.15 inch display. The base model starts at 360$ which is just a bargain. Mi6 does not have a headphone jack which might be a deal breaker, to read in depth pls click on the link below
Sony Xperia XZs
Sony has beautiful looking phone at launched in India at a no brainer price. The phone comes in 50990 rs which is 799$ approx for a non flagship phone. Thr phone is decent enough and for a in depth review click below sony fans surely will love it.
HTC One X10
HTC id going to release a mid ranger phone which looks similar to HTC 10. The phone comes with a 5.5 inch display mesiatek hellio P10 chip 16 mp camera and 4000 mah battery. Price is yet to be known and its going to launch soln.
Honor 8 Pro
Honor 8 Pro is a gorgeous looking device keepong the Honor 8 design with an improved specs the phone has launched and getting possitive review from the critics. It has got a 5.7 inch display 1440 x 2560 pixels 12 mp rear camera, 8mp selfie camera 4000 mah battery with Android 7.0 out of the box
Oppo F3 ans F3 plus 
Oppo has launched its two new phones, As usual it focuses more on selfie camera. Oppo F3 plus comes with a 6 inch fill hd display 64gb storage 4gb ram 4000 mah battery with 16 mp camera to the front and back
             The smaller brother F3 comes with a 5.5 inch display with almost the same specs. Oppo
Redmi 4a
Redmi 4a was available in china and now made available in India is now available at 5999 rs and will make on of the best phones under this category. It cones with a 5 inch 720p screen with 13mp camera on the back 2gb ram 16 gb storage and 3120mah battery. It has got a Snapdragon 425 chip so lets expect some good battery life.
Treding News of the month sumarised
Well Well i told you its a busy month for the tech there were lots of news splashing in the Internet lets see the most important ones.
IMac 2013 refresh
Back then the imac got released with a trash cam design. Many users were complaining that its been a long time refreshing the line up. And its happy news this year towards the end we can see a update with the latest end specification which will make the Apple fans happy.
Self driving cars by Apple
Apple is been working on self driving cars for a long time now, Its progressing steadily now they have got the permission to test it in the US still it may take a long time to come but it would br a major development for the tech.
Facebook wants to read our mind
Yes you heard it right facebook is working on a brain to computer interfave so that in the future you dont need to type anything you can just think of it and the work gets done. Somply cool
Snapchat CEO controversy
Snapchat CEO Evan Spirgel  was reportedly accurssed for claiming that his creation Snapchat was not designed for poor countries like India. Which was highly critized by all the major companies that a CEO want throw around such statements. We heard no response from Snapchat CEO or the team which led to more anger and people started giving bad ratings for the app in the Playstore and the Appstore.
Lawsuit against Bose
Major audio company now faces a lawsuit for spying on their customers who are using the wireless headphones. The complaint was for the app is stealing the privacy of the customers and recording their sound and selling to third parties so lets see when bose responds to it.
Lenovo Flec 11 chromebook 
Lenovo Flex chromebook is a hybrid as both you can use it as a Laptop or a tablet with Chrome OS. It also has a touch screen 4gb ram 32gb storage. Its becoming more affordable now that it could be more benefited for students or someone who is searching for an affordable portable.
Sony A9 camera
The high end Sony A8 camera with top of the line specs for 4500$ roughly 3 lac 20 thousand rupees. Which has a 3 inch display bluetooth, nfc capable. Which records in 4k ultra high definition. at 120fps. It has a continous shooting of 20fps and also got a shutter speed of 1/32000 th of a second it also hot a 24.2 megapixel Exmor RS sensor which is dope

New Google Earth launched
Google map is usef by many of us in day to day use which helps us give direction. Google earth is there for a long time now but now Google has modified and now gives a satelite view with 3d designs. One who wants to explore the world will surely enjoy.
Samsung Pay now ties up with UPI in India
Samsung has taken the Samsung pay more seriously and launched samsung pay couple of weeks now they have joined hands with UPI payments of india so that the transfered money can go to the bank account straight. But Samsung must launch all the upcoming phones to make this feature more reliable right now its only available in certain phones.
Samsung Launches C7 Pro in India
Samsung launched its C9 pro earlier now it has launched the C7 pro for a price of 27990 rupees. It has a 5.7 inch display 4gb ram Snapdragon 626 processor and a 3300 mah battery. Lets see how it succeeds with the same price around the oneplus 3 and 3T.
Micromax dual 5
Micromax launched its new dual 5 smartphone with 5.5 inch full hd display 4gb ram 3200 mah battery and 128 gb on board storage. Its main claim is 13+13+13 a evolution. Which means it has got a dual camera on the back as the name suggests which are a pair of 13mp and selfie camera is also a 13mp. It priced around 24999 roughly 389$ yoi can wait and buy the Mi 6 for this price point
That was some of the intresting happenings for the month of april subscribe to the channel for latest tech updates
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