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Have you ever thought of holding a phome that you have just purchased and felt in a dilemma that your heart saying i wish i had that phone. You always want to have the best piece of tech in your hands, but something hot comes next week. So we in this discussion going to build a dream smartphone which would never probably have, but we wish to so lets begin


The year 2017 is going to be the year of bezeless phones and we are already seeing the LG G6 and leaks about the Galaxy S8. So to biilt a future proof phone we need to go with that mi mix is an insane looking awesome phone with just a bottom chin, it bring a concept phone we would take the LG G6 design just because its ergonomic and 79% screen to body ratio.
As in this modern day and age we tend to consime a lot of media via headphones and speakers we need a better sounding phone so we take the ear piece from motorola which is always one of the best, we take the boom sound front firing speakers from the htc phones and we take the dac from the LG V20. So that we get a good punchy headphone clarity. As well as we take USB typeC headphones from HTC U ultra and bundle it with the phone.
Now a days we are getting better and better camera from all the manifacturers. Everyone is experimenting of their own its really a hard pick. So we take a dual LYCA sensons from the huwavei P10 and have LG G6 camera implementation of the wide angle shots to get some stunning images. For video we are going to take Google pixel quality embedded so that we get a good crispy video.
Screen and Software
We are going to get a sweet spot so that we make all users comfortable because we dont have too many variants of it ? cough cough, considering it being a dream smartphone we have a 5.5 inch super amoled panel from the galaxy s8 as they are the display king atleast for the past few years so that we get always on display.
Software wise its going to be a dual boot android/ios also we get a cyanegonmod customizatiom for the stock version so that we can play around with it.
We also get all the gestures from motorolla like double chop, double twist for camera, raise to wake features
The Assistant part will be taken care by the Google assistant which in terms now seems to be half baked but going to be solid in the future.
Security and chipset
The security work for patch is going to be taken care of Blackberry who are best at doing that for their phones now for years which till date has kept them the best business phone spot.


Chipset is going to be powered by the Apple A11 chip which is going to power the new phones so its going to be lag free and makes it one of the fastest phone. Both in single core as well as a multi core performance.
Unlocking of the phone would be from touch id which is crazy fast and that would be embedded in the screen so that you can unlock anywhere touching the screen. The iris scanner would be borrowed from the S8 which is reporterdly said to be 0.01 of a second
Eventhough LG is making the best battery right now. The king of battery life will be always the old nokia phones so the battery is manufactured by Nokia. Also it gets a dash charging support from oneplus and supports all standard wireless charging
Dream phone full specification
5.5 inch qhd amoled display
12 mp dual lens camera with ois 1.7 apeture
Dual boot Android/IOS
6gb ram with 5000mah battery
Dual front facing speaker
Apple A11 chip with blackberry security
Internal 128 gb expandable upto 256 gb
Price 749$
Colours Sapphire blue, Pearl white, Amazing black and Rose gold 
If u enjoyed the dream smartphone please let me know as well as let me know if you were made to make any changes what would it be
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