Google pixel 2 wishlist

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Google pixel roundup

Google ditched the nexus lineup and partnered with htc and increased the price and created the first ever phone by google. Eventhough the sales were not of a huge number the note7 issue helped pushing the sales. The phone was much appreciated by the geeks and android pureist fans. The design had a weird sandwhich design with glass and metal body even though the glass helped improving reception the phone was top heavy which eliminated the camera hump and the bottom was lite. Not in any means pixel was a perfect phone but it was much appreciated for its camera and video stabilization features. Pixel was not appreciated for its pricing and non expandle feature didn’t help much either.

Google pixel 2 wishlist

Google today has asked peoples feedback for how the next smartphone must look like and the features and tweaks that would be added to make a perfect phone

So now we will see some of the new modification needed for the next pixel which may be released at the end of 2017
First for god sake is the bezel damm that bezel irritates everyone especially in the white colour that is a real distraction to keep the phone symattric the bezels are added but we did not get a very good speaker.
Eventhough thr phonr was build by htc we did not get the boomsound or any sort of front facing speaker which was a letdown
The phone which introduced wireless charging in nexus 5 way back in 2013 ditched it for no reason which was a shame
The phone was not water resistant or IP certified eventhough they say it could take minor water we dont want to have a try at it.
The phone had a very average audio quality not anywhere near the lg v20 so we would like to have a good sounding DAC
A few more colour options like silver, space grey also some feminine colours like pink will be appreciated
Last but not the least the price was onsanely high the nexus line up was so great that we could not digest the new pricing we also heard rumours we will get some budget devices from google so they must surely differentiate the flagship
The new pixel line up will be running the new android 8.0 oreo or whatever its called  will be shown in the google I/O in june already the current version 7.0 has smart features like multi window support it must optimize the software for a nice hardware
So what do you guys think of the new pixel 2 what do you expect from google this year share your opinions below

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