Happy birthday Nintendo Switch and look what you have done!

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Happy Birthday Nintendo Switch this has been a record setting year for Nintendo. They are back on track and has been recorded as the most successful year since 2009.

There were hard days for Nintendo with the Wii U not doing so well they came with such a innovative product without the fear of failure which gave them a phenomenal year.

Nintendo has become the quickest selling console ever for Nintendo and they have reached nearly 20 million units world wide. And 25 per cent of the sales only from the holiday season

It has been the hottest selling item through out the world in places like Walmart, Gamestop, Amazon, Best buy etc.

Its only second to the PS4 in 1st year sales but only by a little. And it is nearly 2/3 of Xbox one sale and also crossed the lifetime sales of the Wii U.

Nothing to take away from Sony and Microsoft they are gaming giants, but handheld market is always ruled by Nintendo.

Nintendo what you have done!!!

Sony and Microsoft has only thought it as a companion console they never though it as a competition but now its too late.

People own a home console anyways the companies thought Mario and Zelda is for children. In a way Nintendo always reaches through children if there are two kids they both demand a switch as it is more of a personal device.

Sony always wanted a AAA game console in the hand which they delivered in PSP over 2000 games released in a life time of nearly 11 years. PS vita sony was very ambitious and dropped everything for 2 years and lost hope.

What Sony has to learn here is Nintendo first party support does not fade anytime they don’t loose hope they keep supporting even if the system is not doing well. Slowly when the install base becomes large 3rd party couldn’t not ignore and everyone wants a Piece of the pie.

Sony missed the trick there and paid the price. Even though they are selling well in Japan and other asian territories. Sony openly announced there is not going to be any 1st party exclusives its just a shamw for such an awesome powerful hardware.

Now what Nintendo switch has slowly done is people who don’t have to sit and play in front of the TV just has boughr a switch due to nostalgua or a travel companion and has become a gamer now.

Also people who are mobile gamers also loved the power of the switch and immediately jumped on board.

Games like Doom and L A Noire making it to the switch Wolfenstine 2 around the corner, games like dark souls announced and games like Call of duty black ops and GTA 5 rumoured, Spyro and Crash trilogy coming i dont think there will be a lack of third party support.

Indie gamers have a made a life out of it and are so happy. Switch has become a paradise for indie games.

Everyone who picked up and played started loving it and a good word of mouth lead to good sales. We all are grown playing Nintendo in childhood and it makes us so happy its doing well.

So i wrap up with recommending some games that are must play if you have picked up. I will just include the names you can always search on Google.

Best 1st Party Games

Legend of Zelda breath of the Wild also the Game of the year.

Super Mario Odyssry

Mario kart 8 deluxe

Splitoon 2


Kirby Star alies

Mario vs Rabbits kingdom battle

Best 3rd party Games


Ultra street fighter

Rocket league

NBA 2K 18

Batman by teltale Games

Best Indie games

In this category there is hell lot of game in eshop forgive me if i missed something i am listing the once i enjoyed.


Thimbleweed Park

Old Mans Journey

Golf story

Animal Crossing

Chef Story


So the second year has started slowly but steadily as a New Smash bros comming as well as expecting pokemon from Nintendo. Metroid Prime 4 also coming it will be a promising years ahead.

So if your wallet is empty blame Nintendo for giving so many games that now it is more than likely to try out games. Its always a win win for both customers and Gaming company.

As what type of gamer you be hardcore, casual or inbetweem there is always something offered by the Switch.

Happy Birthday switch and long live

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