Iphone 8 the superphone

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Why the iphone 8 can burn a hole in your pocket?

Apple always annualy refreshes their iphone line up which we saw the first iphone way back in 2008. Nowits going to be the 10th refreshment apple is been criticised by the geeks and also as well as the public for retaining the same model for the last 3 years with minor improvements here and there.
As of now the company from cupertino is been blamed for not innovating anything new also
the chinese brands are giving a tough fight, and the mid range segment growing rapidly we saw
some great phones like oneplus 3T, honor 8, huwavei P9 also in theflagship department s7 edge from

samsung outperformed apple in camera and inovation its now the time for apple to wake up and try to retain their customers


What is the iphone going to look like?

Everyday we are getting a new rumour about iphone 8 or iphone x or however apple calls it the latest rumour is that samsung is the manufacturer of oled displays for the iphone. Yes you heard it right the rival company is being partnered for the next big thing atleast for apple. No doubt samsung is right now who have pioneered the oled display this thing is going to look damm good.

How is it going to look like?

You could see this image on the internet we have got leaks that there are going to be three variants the two of them being iphone 7s and 7s plus the 3rd model may come in the footprint of the current iphones body but atleast taking 83% of screen to body ratio. As usual there is no headphones jack  we could see a usb type c port which apple has implement on their latest mackbook lineup. The design is going to be a sandwhich glass design on the front and the back with stainless steel or aluminium sides as on iphone 4 and 4s. It would have wireless charging water resistance and a killer camera the base model will start at 32 gb and they will get rid of the touch id and have a touch bar as on mackbook is rumoured today. It will also have an iris scanner which would require a dual camera setup on the front which ona whole may cost you a 1000$. What is the right price are u willing to pay for these many new features packed. Apple may release this iphone on sept 11th or 19th lets wait and see

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