Monthly round up march 2017

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Well the hot topics of the month is Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus its new colours were revealed its rumoured to come in 6 colours but not all the colours at launch silver, black, purple and gold is also spotted there is also a rumour of white and blue as well. No doubt its going to be a beast a dedicated review will be posted after the launch to know more click

LG G6 launch
You can call the month of march belongs to the LG G6 with many reviewers are giving a possitive feedback. I don’t know it would be a threat to the galaxy s8 but the G6 is on its own league. The camera is incredible, the phone is quite sleek to know more click
Moto G5 and G5 plus launch
The most affordable phones are here and also a great replacement for a nexus as google moved towards the premium segment. If you are on a budget look no further its just amazing moto has just nailed it this time. To know more click
Mobile world congress
Mobile word congress was an important even though it was feb we got to play with the device on the month of march all brands came up with something they had like sony, huwavei lg etc. Even samsung came with a tab s3 so to know the latest of all phones and their specification click
Launch of Nintendo switch
Switch has a great demand all around the world with its unique design elements, but you have to wait for some more time for some good titles. Also super mario run after enjoying IOS exclusivity has finaly launched to android this week to know more click
HTC U and U ultra
A different approach by htc this time around with last year specs and lack of practicality makes this phone less recommendable for the audience. No means a bad phone htc fans will enjoy. Worth the buy after few months if we see a drop in price. To know more clock
The Colour game
Last year flagship has to boost sales when there are other hot phones around so launching a new colour is a trend now.
Apple has released product red iphone 7 and 7 plus. A part of which will go to a good cause its launched in the same price as the current iphones and they have also silently launched a successor to the Ipad Air 2. So anyone wants to buy a new ipad its the correct time.
The other manufacturer is the oneplus, they teased around two weeks we thought it was a oneplus 5 but finaly we got a colette edition of oneplys 3T in matte black. But only 250 units were made and you have to be in france to get one. Fans were disappointed but oneplus will never settle they launched a black without a colette logo at the same price which made the fans happy. Good job oneplus
News in one sentance
LG is working on a LG V30 with a snapdragon 835, which would be launching towards the end of the year
Samsung launches bixby the new assistant also samsung boasts 1000fps slo mo video can be shot with the new S8
Sony in MWC showcased a 960fps slo mo shot which was quite stunning.
Google is working on a pixel 2 phone and google has also reported it will be a premium device.
Android O developer preview has started and can be tried in Pixel ans nexus devices.
Xiaomi launched a budget oriented redmi note 4A in certain market and also they told they are working on a successor to the Mi Mix 2 which want be a concept device.
Oppo has launched F3 plus with a dual lens selfie camera it comes on a price of nearly 480$ where you could get a oneplus 3T for that price.
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