MWC 2017 roundup of some amazing things ahead of us

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The samsung galaxy s8 leaked video and teaser

Finaly its out the videos are being out in the internet, The galaxy s8 and s8 plus is in full glory so its confirmed that there are going to be two variants both having edged corners with 89% screen to body ratio. Finaly the fingerprint is rounded on the back near to the camera the future of s8 is shining bright.

The sony phones this year

Sony announces its flagship phone sony xperia xz premium with a 4k screen and a 23 mp camera the phones screen is gorgeous to look and the phone feels realy premium. Also with it sony refreshed its x series with XA1 and the XA1 ultra sony must realy work on the names which are becoming complicated the XA1 is said to be priced at 300$ which is a 5 inch phone the XA1 ultra price is not yet known to us

The LG G6

Already there is a detailed articlr written about this the G6 looks amazing with less bezels the 5.7 inch qhd super lcd screen with 18:9 aspect ratio with this we get a high quality audio dac with dual camera setup the phone is thick and has a large battery and there is no hump anywhere which all companies should learn

The return of nokia

Nokia is now in the android game and we will see in the coming days how they are going to take it from here. Nokia released 4 phones the Nokia 3 the Nokia 5 and the Nokia 6 the 4th phone which i will talk later. As the number suggests the lower the number the less premium it gets the nokia 3 is a handset with mediatek proccessor with 2 gb ram with 8 mp primary and secondary camera. The nokia 5 comes with a 2 gb ram 13 mp rear camera 8 mp front camera. The nokia 6 international variant is arrived if you want to get the best of nokia right now it would be the nokia 6 there is a special edition as well which is called the the Nokia 6 art with 4 gb ram and might have 64 gb with a ceramic finish.
Last but not the least we get a reboot to the iconic nokia 3310 with 2.4 inch qvga display a colour screen 2 mp camera 16 mb internal memory expandable upto 8gb, no wifi only 2.5 gb capable with a month of stand by time.
 The huwavei P10
The huwavei P10 is a realy beauty and a compact phone on my liking some of the designs are taken from apple but attention to detail of the phone amd the craftmanship is nothing less than an stellar phone. It has a 5.1 inch 1080p screen with a dual lyca camera with hardware ois stabilization which will give you a excellent photos no doubt about that it also has a new UI with app drawer and a kieran 960 proccessor which is a screamer of a performer
The fingerprint is on the front which also has some smart gestures if you are a ure a huwavei phone you are right at home
Which of the phones met your expectation? Which is the phone you are willing to upgrade or waiting for the iphone 8 let me know in the comments below.

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