Nintendo switch first look review

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A different ball game all together

Remember those days when we play super mario as a child and get excited of the game. Nintendo has  come a long way after that.
Nintendo is one company i would say was at the peak for a long time, faced a lot of competition from xbox and playstation and now from mobile gaming but still they are not scared to innovate something  new after their disastrous wii u gaming they had to do something to grab attention.

This is the world now talking about custom pc builds, ps4 pro and xbox project scorpio in other hand developers are working on virtual reality games like resident evil and augmented reality games like pokemon go which is also by nintendo for the console part they didn’t do anything silly and played it tio their strengths



The specification will not blow your mind ir something which other companies does not offer, but what they did is extremely great


A 6.2 inch IPS LCD screen with a 720p resolution
Internal storage of 32 gb
Expandable upto 256 gb
HDMi out cable out of the box
4310 mah battery which promises 3 hours of intensive gaming 5 to 6 hours of casual gaming
Nvidia Tegra K1 proccessor
Bluetooth 4.1
USB type C for docking
Two USB 2.0 ports
802.11 ac wifi
10.48 ounces tablet only

299.99 US$



Nintendo has promised at launch day update we would get online multiplayer gaming which i cant comment right now.
Nintendo switch is based on cartridge based gaming as the older generations or the playstation vita.  The tablet feels realy steady in the hand and can stand minor falls. They can be attached with two

Joy pads which can be attached to the left and right and start playing from the tablet. Or there is a kickstand where you can rest it on a table and play with the given accessory inside the box it becomes like a full fledged controller like the xbox one.


Hardware and software

Hardware is well designed and trendy but the 720p screen they gone with is not upto the standards for 2017 but as a portable device it saves a lots of battery. The screen is very reflective and does not get any brighter for indoor play or flight trips it may be best suited but you must always have your power station  with you.


The software looks very little cartoonish and looks to be a very clean user experience nintendo has to offer this time around

For whom it is targeted for?

This is not a replacement for a xbox one or a ps4 who love graphic intensive games and want to play the newest call of duty or halo. Or this is not a hardware which will put those systems to shame.this is for one who want to carry their gaming with them in their backpack and come to home dock it in their tv and continue where you actually left which is a big win win for nintendo



Two player couch gaming is going to be the selling point of the nintendo switch but do we need internet connection all the time only time will tell. The nintendo first party titles will always be a big bonus we are pretty sure we will get all the big titles. The 3rd party support is where the wii u failed and we have to see how this time its going to be. The game catridges  price is also that matters for the most part on the whole it is a very solid device.

Buy oe not a buy?

If you think you can buy this instead of xbox one or ps4 you must know what you are missing, but you have already tried their previous generations and embedded in their ecosystem you are right at  home from the word gofor the price and after trying out zelda i have high hopes that nintendo will deliver some promising titles in the days to come so if you are exhausted at modern day game and want to enter into a different territory it would be definitely refreshing. Its a must buy at this price point and we would get some exciting bundles as well in the future.

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