Nokia 6 impressions my honest opinion

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Nokia the global giant of smartphone in the 90s and 2000s is comming back again this time after a gap.

After the launch of android operating system nokia was too slow to catch up the smartphone game, losing its potential customers. Then it was acquired by microsoft and dod a pretty amazing job considering how microsoft is now doing.
So after the seperatiom from microsoft now nokia  is back producing android phones and the expectation was very high still there is a fan base for nokia phones and people buy like crazy.
Everyone expected nokia to come up with something killer but they launched 3 phones in Mobile World Congress 2017. they were Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. as well a 3310 new edition.

The other phones being just a basic entry level phones Nokia 6 was the one phone the hardcore fans of nokia wanted. Rumours indicate that Nokia is working on a new flagship phone rhe Nokia 8 which is said ti release later this year
So now lets see what is Nokia 6 all about
5.5 inch 1920x 1080 full hd display resulting in 403ppi
1.1 Ghz Snapdragon 430 octa core proccessor
3gb of Ram with 32gb of on board storage in the base model expandable upto 128gb via micro sd
Android 7.0 nougat
16mp primary camera and 8mp selfie camera
Battery capacity of 3000 mah
All necessary sensors such as Proximity, Gyroscope,Magnetometer, Compass, Ambient light sensor and Accelerometer etc
Phone weights arount 168grams
Fingerprint sensor in the front in the home button
Supports dolby Atmos also has a 3.5mm headphone jack
Colours include Arte Black, Matte black, Tempered blue, Silver, Copper.

Lets see briefly what this guy does in day to day use
The phone was pretty fluid with the day to day use for casual gaming and apps there were no stutters or lag. The zUI was nearly stock android with a lighter tone of Nokia version with the icons design pretty satisfied
The Screen which is 5.5 inches with full hd resolution the phone is crisp and clear. The colours are well saturated and you can see a great detail. Outdoor visibility was quite decent could have bern more brighter.
The 16mp camera took some nice shots with details, the dynamic range was pretty good focus speeds was decent and you could get nice shots in good lighting conditions. In low light it struggles as all midrangers details start missing with grain and noise in the image. The selfie shooter is 8mp and it does a pretty good job and quite sufficient for your snapchat and instagram
            Video quality is also decent the audio output was like phones falling in this price range it could get the job done dont expect anything like Pixels, Galaxies and IPhones because Nokia 6 is just one third of its price..
Battery Life
        We got a 3000mah battery which will get you through a full day with light to moderate usage. The screen on time may vary anywhere from 3.5 to 4 hours. If you are a power user as well as want to play graphic intensive games you will need to find a charger in the evening.

The Nokia 6 costs roughly £229 rougly 16000 rupees and the special addition ceremic back 4gb ram 64gb storage costs £299 roughly 21000 rupees.
Nokia has brought out a all round phone which has no compramises. The build is really solid. Also Nokia has promises security updates and software updates faster which is promised by none other till date. Not only for Nokia 6 but for every single phone they make.
          Nokia is a reliable vompany where you could spend your money on you would not be disappointed.
But i feel the phone is bit too late as thr competition is pretty high with competitors giving Snapdragon 625 Smapdragon 652 chip for nearly 200$. I personaly feel Nokia has missed the trick. Eventhough 430 processor supports LTE for the asking price it should have got a more powerful processor which would realy make this a great buy.
       Even if thr mormal person will look else where the hardcore, diehard fams will truely buy this phone. As we can see it pretty much instantly sold out in China. But we can see how the sales does when it is available globaly
If you want a best of what Nokia makes right now look no further.
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