One plus 5 what to expect?

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Oneplus was a small company from china which made a splash few years ago with their phone oneplus one. Which became a sensational hit back then it was asking half the price of the flagship with killer higher end specification..

One plus was very much criticised for their invite system that the phones were good but availability was poor.
Oneplus initialy didnt have enough capital so based on the invites they made the phones and after good reviews slowly they made oneplus 2 and oneplus x. Slowly they removed the invite system in Oneplus 3 and a mid cycle refresh a new Onepus 3T.

Recently releasting a mid night black version oneplus has come a long way from where they have started. As every year people expect a new galaxy S and note lineup, a new apple iphone, a new LG phone now people have started expecting a new flagship from Oneplus whoch itself is a big thing.
Because lot of phones are more competitive now a days like Xiaomi, LeEco, honor, coolpad, oppo, vivo, gionee etc also main players like samsung, lenovo, motorola also making great phones on lower end and midrange segment, Oneplus has clearly differentiated them from rest of the bunch.

Oneplus is rumoured to be making a new flagship for the year 2017, the current Oneplus 3 and 3T are no means outdated they just got android 7.1 nougat which even some big manufactures did not bring this year

Oneplus is said to skip a number from 4 to 5 as it is said to be unlucky in China. Whatever the name be we will call Oneplus 5 for time being. Skipping a number is not been generaly good we all know what happened to Note 5 to Note 7 where they skipped which did not turn out well for Samsung.


Oneplus 5 rumours
Oneplus may follow the footsteps of less bezels and may be we will get more display not as samsung but somewhere like LG .
Its rumoured to have curved edged display like samsung Galaxy S8 but i don’t think so its going to flat may be with rounded edges.
Oneplus will step up its game it will have a amoled with a 2k resolution which has become a standard now a days.
It would have a base storage of 64gb with 6 or 8gb ram atleast the higher end variant may carry 8GB ram just to boast first by any phone.
It would have a Snapdragon 835 processor not sure it would be a version 1 or a slightly modified version 2 depends on the time when it releases.
The only downside of Oneplus comparing to flagship is the Camera. Dont get me wrong Oneplus 3Ts 16mp camera is very good in good lighting but not yhe big boys like S7 edge or an Iphone 7 plus. Oneplus this year would bring a better camera this time which would have major improvements compared to last year.
Oneplus is expected to come with Android 7.1.2 out of the box and will get a Android O update shortly.after google releases it.
Launch date is unknown due to the mid cycle refresh of Oneplus and the unavailability of the 10 nanometer Snapdragon 835 so no predictions as far the date goes.

Oneplus 5 would be a smash hit as soon as it gets released if they can maintain the same price points.
             As these many years Oneplus was was facing stiff competitions from phines like Nexus 5, 5x, 6 and 6p which gets googles update first and a very competitive price point as google moved to the premium segment with their Pixel line irs now time for Oneplus to fullfill that gap which they have already kinda doing now
So what do you guys think of the Oneplus 5 do let me know in the comments
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