Sony xperia XZs full review

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Somy has sold a lot of divisions from their kitty and has said they are going to concentrate more on the gaming industry which turns out to be really profitable to them.

The one industry they are reluctant to give up is the smartphone industry where sony feels smartphone is and will be the future because everyone feels smartphone is a neccessity inlike other products
Its a make or break year for sony because its not ageing well with the competition. The mistake nolia did and psid thr price, Sony smartphone sales are drasticaly down just because sony has good phones with decent specification in lower and mid range segmennt. And flagship is too hot from the competition that sony could not handle.
So now sony has announced a bunch of phones this variant which we are going to see is not a flagship phone  that is going to release lates this year so now lets get started
Sony phones always feel premium in the hands its not too bulky either this was a stunning design earlier now in 2017 this much bezels with the release of LG G6, S8 and mi mix this seems to be lost its charm. But the phone feels steardy in hand never feels slippery. It weights 161 grams and 8.1 mm thick. Sony retains the rectangular bar design. The phone has single or dual sim variants in selected regions the phone is IP 68 dust and water ressistant.
As u know sony is a master at displays they have not made a shift to AMOLED screen in 2017. Even the budget phones has that now a days. The screen is IPS LCD which is 5.2 inches. Its has a 70.9 screen to body ratio and it has no gotilla glass protection. The colours are warm, the full hd 1080p screen is viewable in direct sunlight.
Its nearly to stock with xperia like expensive from the older phones. The phone ships with android Nougat and you get a better battery optimization, split screen multi tasking and Google assistant out of the box which is pretty handy. It has a non removable 2800 mah battery with adreno 530 gpu. It comes with a Snapdragon 820 a 1. 5 years older processor which you can find in Lenovo Z2 plus which is 230$

        It comes with base model 32gb and 4gb ram also has a 64gb and 4gb ram. Its expandable via mocro sd upto 256gb there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a bluetooth 4.2 not 5.0 in samsung galaxy s8 also has a usb 2.0 and fast charging 3.0 out of the box.
Camera is always a selling point for the xperia phones and this time too its great.
It has a 19mp primary camera, with EIS and phase detection auto focus it has all the modes and manual control and the video also captures in 2160@30fps and slo mo video 720p@ crazy 960 fps also has the HDR features
          The camera produces some stunning images at good light condition we get a good detail and good effects from the shots. As all phones it tends to get noise and grainy and the detail in low light lacks depth
The 13np selfie camera is perfect  which also records video in full hd as all selfie cameras now a days its detailed and you can get some nice shots with it with your friends and family.
 sone sample shots shot on xperia xzs
With a old processor Snapdragon 820 your phone will get outdated really fast but it is a flagship processor better than all midrangers like 430 435 650 652 etc of the snapdragon.
Wirh 4gb ram the stock experience the phone is buttery smooth and there was no heat issues except some intensive games being played overall pretty satisfied.
Phone is roughly 749$ the only midranger phone with this heafty price tag. I think sony might be drunk or half sleepy with this price tag. For 479$ you get a Snapdragon 821 6gb ram and amoled display frim the oneplus 3T also running the latest 7.1.1 version you can only buy this if you only prefer sony phones.
It comes in 3 colours Black, Warm Silver and Ice Blue i dont know why sony is placing their fingerprint scanner on the side when they have a world lot of spave on the front and the back.
         And now you know why many reviewers are not covering the Sony phones. Because people lost intrest on it. But personaly i like sony products dont get me wrong i am bashing sony the whole article i want sony to step up the game with the big players like Apple, Samsung, LG etc.
So what do you think of the phone guys, personaly for me bringing a phone or two is not a big deal which the Sony does. But supporting the device, quick updates, security patches for every month gives the consumers the brand loyality and confidence.
Please reduce the profit margins and compete Sony dont produce phones on the sake of just producing it. As we all know sony fans are one of the most loyal fans and they just love you. Please make it affordable
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