Stranger Things season 2 review: No spoilers

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This is not a place to review tv shows but as I was interested, I thought there would be many. As the rate of subscription of Netflix would be so high only to watch the stranger things season 2.
               Have you ever speed ran the whole season in a day as I am, Not just because I wanted to see I cannot hold on the thrill or catch my sleep. I wanted to know what happens next.

                Stranger things 2 is bigger and massive compared to season 1. The making is huge the cast has added characters as well as added to the value of the show. You would never feel a hinderance to the main story as somewhere or the other it is connected.
                The season 2 starts with a crime scene where a girl like El performs her supernatural ability to fool the cops. In my mind I thought it is going to be two people who are going to collide with abilities which could have been a more interesting plot which was not to be.
                The stranger things characters have gone deep to show their personal interest it may be their love life of Nancee, Or Dustin growing a pet which turns to be one hell of a mess. Or Lucas love interest with the new mad Max even the Stranger things feels cute.                  Bob the new character is simply the stealer of the show, his cameo his ability to solve the puzzle effortlessly and his courage in the hospital to save others is nothing short of brilliance.

                  The new relationship between Hopper and eleven in later half discovers her name as Jane their scenes is filled with emotions. Hopper protects her, feeds her and teaches her to keep her from the outside world. And why he dis that sometimes he behaves rude or takes his frustration out at Eleven is explained in the last episode to her is amazing.
                    Eleven goes out and tries to discover her mother and her sister feels like a disjointed episode from the season because the writer wanted to explore a new world with Jane. But El being always a mystery without knowing her past felt more natural and made more grippy to watch.

                    The enemy is not only the demogorgon but also they have come with a new concept of Shadow monster and characterising it like it likes it cold and it docent like heat and how it can be fooled has given depth to the story.                    When will gets some episodes in his now memory about the shadow monster and when shadow monster fully takes control of Will and his body. The efforts they take to convince Will and trying to explain his sweet memories shows the emotion of a true mother and true friendship and the signs he gives to the closed-gate and the way they find it is brilliance.

                     It want be over without talking about Mike. The efforts he tries to save his friend. The love he has towards El and calling her everyday and talking to her even though she doesn’t reply shows how much he miss her. Dustin tries to be so smart kid and sometimes funny and hilarious. Lucas wants to add Max in the mix and tells her everything which she want believe. The scenes between Lucas and Max in the bus is where they will get applauded there is where their love starts to develop.
                 All the other character such as Max brother and Nancee love interest both have played their role perfectly no over performance or vague dialogues not even a single scene where you may be felt bored, Or want to skip that is where a true tv series success lies. Surely there is much left over and definitely a Season 3 may be coming much sooner.
Verdict : Masterpiece 9.5/10

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