The best midranger money can buy right now

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Only 10% people who are willing to to spend so much on a new shiny phone gets a new flagship every year rest of them need a phone which does not let them down when they need it the most. We are going to find a flagship lole smartphone but pay only one third of the

Spoiler alert this is not an article praising the oneplus 3 or 3T. I call it as a flagship killer the phones we are going to range from 200$ to 300$ roughly 10000 to 20000 rupees.

The list is not under any particular order and we will also pock a winner finally which would be the bank for your buck
Xioami Redmi Note 4
One of the most affordable phone on this list roughly 200$, one of the fastest selling phone. At this price point what you get is just amazing.

5.5 inch full hd display
4gb RAM 64gb storage
13mp rear camera 5mp front camera
2ghz octa core processor snapdragon 625 processor
4100 mah battery
Rear fingerprint scanner
If u can adjust to the bloatware and a heavy skin and the hybrid sim slot this phone is for you. It has insanely incredible battery lofe. You cannot go wrong with this phone. The phone feels premium with its solid metal build.
Homor 6x
Also called as the swag phone looks pretty stylish in its looks and a beast packed inside of it. It is the first midranger to have a dual camera setup where it should be proud of itself it also comes in the 200$ price with a heavy skin and bloat this is a close competitor to the redmi note 4
5.5 inch full hd display
4gb ram 64gb storage
12mp primary camera 8mp front camera
1.7ghz octa core processor kirin 655 processor
3340 mah battery
Rear fingerprint scanner
Lenovo Z2 plus
The price drop has really helped to bring into this category the basic variant is arount 240$ but we are talking about the higher end variant roughly 280$ for the given price its a win win situation for the customers thanks for the competition going in this price range


5 inch full hd display
4gb ram 64gb storage
2.15ghz quad core processor snapdragon 820
3500 mah battery
Front fingerprint with touch gestures

The only phone with a flagship processor in this list

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Moto G5 plus
Moto G series is been the best selling phones for moto for the last few years now. And it is pretty clear because moto is raising the bar every year and setting standards everytime. Whenever you are searching for a mid ranger you just cannot ignore the name moto and they have just nailed it.


5.2 inch full hd display
4gb ram 32gb storage. Expandable available
12mp primary camera with 1.7 apeture, Rear 5mp
Snapdragon 625 processor
3000mah battery with turbo charging support
Front facing fingerprint sensor
Android Nougat out of the box
The higher end model is roughly 270$  if you are a pure stock android enthusiast you dont have to look any other phone a solid build this time.
Leeco le 2
The second phone that makes into the list from last year simply because it cannot be ignored after the z2 plus. The phone is gorgeous and the end to end display atleast visualy looks nice.


5.5 inch full hd display
3gb ram 32gb storage
Snapdragon 652 processor
16mp primary camera 8mp front camera
3000 mah battery
All this at an amazing price of roughly 180$ makes this the cheapest phone on this list

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Any phone you pick you are just going to love it. The phone you choose is based on your priority. If you need a insane battery life go for the redmi note 4. If camera is your priority go for the honor 6x. If you need stock android early updates go for the G5 plus. If you want thr best performance go for the Z2 plus with snapdragon 820. If you are strictly on a budget then Leeco le 2 is for you.
If i had to spend my own cash its a hard choice to make as i promised i told you in the beginning i will tell you the winner. My pick will be the swag phone the honor 6x. The phone build is stunning with the best dual camera offered and trust me the kirin 655 is a beast in performance. With accurate fingerprint reader with an asking price of 200$ it cannot get better than this.

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What would be your pick do let me know

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Swe you next time with another intresting topic until then its me techbuddy360 signing off for the moment.

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