The most irrelevant smartphone

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This topic is highly based on my opinion and you may have a different view point, i will list out my reasons why i said so so lets begin

The manufacturer

One of thr most leading manufacturer of smartphone industry we always loved their premium design and feel always tries to something innovative and also who delivered the Google pixel last year.

Yes you moght have known by now HTC. the google pixel itself was complained for a unfinished product and a bad design the phone was heavy at the top and slim at the bottom also was not water or dust resistant made the fans go nuts.
The fan following of thr nexus and who loved stock android experience didn’t let down and made pixel a commercial success even after its shortcomings.

Learning and listening to your customers is the key to success

HTC a few days back came with a new phone which is HTC U ultra it also has a smaller brother the HTC U play which is out of discussion today.
HTC has already three series of smartphones
HTC one flagship series
HTC A mid range series
HYC desire lower end series
HTC is not going on profits with the past few years with facing very tough competition from Samsung and LG in the flagship segment. The HTC 10 which htc calls as the perfect phone was well received but went into the shadows with the introduction of phones like the galaxy s7 edge

Going off target – Is a serious mistake

Going to a new product linr is going to create worse losses for the manufacturer and i will tell you why?
Dont get me wrong HTC U ultra is a very well  made device which was very refreshing when htc moved from metal to glass it also borrowed features from LG having a secondary display right on top

The specifications are really nice for the U ultra
A 5.7 inch quah hd display
2.15 ghz processor with 4gb of ram
Rear camera is 12 ultra pixel while the selfie camera is 16mp
Snapdragon 821 processor
Android 7.0 nougat out of the box
3000 mah battery
Now lets come to the price this comes for a whopping price of 749$  for the united states and in foreign markets like india the price is closed to 950$. HTC just launched a month before MWC where we got some amazing phones like the LG G6 and the galaxy S8 is just around the corner does this make any sense
The phones like the oneplus 3T and Leeco le pro 3 offers the same specification of the htc with a much lower price in the case of le pro 3 you get a 4070 mah battery. In case of the one plus you get super fast dash charging with a flagship killer specs so if you want a alternative for htc u ultra you might go for this two phones.


The biggest strength of smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung is to keep the customers in tact with them all the time even after note 7 incident samsung came up with some great offers and colours for the S7 edge to make sure they dont switch brands. Once the customer switch brands you already have lost your battle as a manufacturer. HTC did not get the supply of snapdragon 835 is understandable. You should have brought a solid midranger to the market till the flagship is ready to make it into the market. Customers are way too intelligent than the manufacturers and want buy any phone you throw at their face. I hope HTC understands that and their failure this year will reflect that
HTC ARE YOU LISTENING…….. to your true fans

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