Top 7 free games that deserves your phone space

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So there are most people who keep complaining the mobile games are not upto the standard of the console or pc games.Its true there can be only done little with a portable device and lesser gigabytes. So that it doesn’t throttle your phone.
               But smartphone games are there which are addictive, there are lot of games releasing in the stores which we definitely have a high chance of missing great games. So here is a list for you which in no particular order, listed below. All the games are my personal choice all tested may not be your type of gaming. I tried to include all type for casual game fans so lets get started.
1. WWE Champions
This is relatively a game which I am playing for a long time the speciality of the game is there is always something new to play everyday. As now the zombie has invaded you can collect new players gears, Also you can upgrade your player skills by collecting coins and cash. The best part is it is a match 3 type puzzle game so it’s a 2 in 1 kind so either fans would enjoy the game. And I highly recommend

2. Into the Dead 2
Which has recently made it to the store in the zombie season, has spiced it up. The game is very addictive people who has played the first part will definitely know how it is, but it is nothing like it. The visuals has upgraded this time you have got weapons, dog assist, and a story mode. So just download and start playing to kill some freaking zombies. There are in app purchases but you can completely play for free.

3. Fidget Spinner
This is the game which is lesser in size in this list and you would be playing constantly. The fidget has gained sudden popularity in recent time. The game controls are simple you get 5 turns to spin and score as much as you can. You can level up collect coins unlock new fidgets which are faster. The best time killer ever.

4. Stack
Stack is also comparatively a smaller game to kill time. The game is addictive and colourful it’s a puzzle game where you are greeted with a moving blocks. Your goal is to match them properly and construct as tall as a building as you can. As you miss each time the piece shrinks and makes it more difficult.

5. Smash hit
A freemium game, but worth the download a fast paced adventure game where you are given balls the world is filled with glass and steel chains. You have to collect as many balls and go far as you can. The game has rich graphics and a 3D world which is a visual treat. You should buy the full game to continue from the checkpoint. But if you learn the game you can go as far as you can.

6. Real Racing 3
A list would be incomplete if there is no racing game in the list. Many people would say asphalt 8 as the best game, but I would recommend real racing 3, which has real tracks, cars, online play which gives real time events and cars to unlock. A real treat for racing fans.

7. Don’t touch the white tile
Many people out there like me doesn’t know to play the piano but love music. This game is for music lovers and casual gamers anyone can play some great amazing tunes. As you unlock new tunes by finishing levels. The game is pretty simple. There are moving piano buttons and you must not touch anything white on your screen. Move your fingers in the direction of the black button. Trust me you have no time to think very addictive game.

There may be some famous games like temple run, subway surfers, candy crush, angry birds and fruit ninja but mostly everyone knows about it. These games made it to the list may be unknown to many so play something new and enjoy your holiday season

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