Unbox your phone- samsung flagship before you buy

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Samsung’s Galaxy phones are one of the most anticipated smartphone every year. Samsung yesterday unveiled its new flagship line the S8 and the S8 plus.

This may be too late because internet is buzzing with all youtubers and tech enthusiasts going crazy over the coverage. I wanted to give a detailed analysis of the phone and my honest opinion.
The specification
       Galaxy S8 and S8 plus has only two difference the screen size and the battery capacity. So we are not screwed if we buy the smaller phone, like what the other manufactureres do they cut cost by putting 1080p pannels or a mid ranger chipset or reduce the RAM.
So what we get here
A 5.8 inch super amoled infinity display 6.2 inch in the case of S8+
4gb RAM 64gb storage is the base model expandable upto 256gb.
Snapdragon 835 or exynos 8895 processor
12mp rear camera with 1.7 aperture and an 8mp selfie shooter with the same apeture
3000 mah for the S8 and 3500mah for the S8+
AI assistant bixby with dedicated button on the left
18.5:9 aspect ratio which makes the phone taller and wider
The smaller galaxy has 570ppi approx and the  S8+ has 526ppi approx.
It comes in Black sky, Orchid Grey, Silver, Gold and Blue more colours expected as the time goes by.
Launched on March 29 2017
Availability April 21 2017, Prelrder starts March 30 in United states.
Whats Good 
The gorgeous display nearly bezeless and the edge has been smoothed out to get a seemless experience
       The headphone jack is still available. Take that ?
USB-C port which is futureistic.
Dex dock stand which changes your phone to a computer which is a great move.Bixby assistant far to go but samsung promises Bixby to do what you can do with your hands and also have given a dedicated button so lets have hope that it does well we will get to know more once the phone is launched.
       Face detection to unlock, iris scanner, fingerprint scanner its just like a superman in the form of phone you can so everything but we have to see in the day to day use.
Whats Bad
Samsung has thrown the kitchen sink and they have to prove themselves and to their fan base after what happened to the Note 7 we all do know
       The taller phone nearly 82% is screen makes it a too handed phone like pulling the notifications, scrolling menus at the top left corner
Glass back is great but beware its slippery and a fingerprint magnet choose your colour wisely feel it in your hand in your nearest putlet before buying.
      Fingerprint sensor near to the camera and way top makes you touch the camera sometimes. Causes smudges so you have to wipe it most of the time.
       Two assistants Google assistant is already available in 7.0 nougat still samsung wants to do it their own same with the onscreen buttons which is ugly as well. Samsung is so keen that they should mot resemble like Google in anyways from their heavy touchwiz to almost everything.
       The camera is great in the S7 edge already its the same sensor with minor improvements. Why i included in con because dont expect more its already great.
Impressions and Verdict
       In my honest opinion the S8 is a solid device and the most impressive hardware by any phone to date. The craftsmanship is so impressive. If you want a phone for the next 2 years this a better choice.
Should you upgrade?
      If you are holding a S7 edge or S7 its just a marginal upgrade. If you have S6 or below its a solid upgrade. Anyone wants to try Android moving from IOS then you can go for it. By no means its going to be cheap its nearly 849$ for the S8 ans 950$ for the S8+ official pricing not yet revealed.
      Samsung has boasted more on the bixby as well as Dex dock is a seperate accessory which is going to cost in addition to the phone. So i will say you can wait for someone to buy and tell how is Bixby doing because samsung showed realy less on the event. Or even wait for the note 8 which is said to have a dual camera.
Hope u like it please share your opinions in the comments
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Meet you soon and keep rocking guys.

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