What is this Always Connected PC?

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We have come a long way in nearly two decades and hearing some new terms now and then first there was room sized computers then shrieked into a PC. Then came the era of the laptops. Laptops really ruled the world which could be carried anywhere and everywhere.Then came the notebooks which was light weight, then came the notebooks

Now there is a trend of affordable chrome books which is for the students which it is targeted at, Even after evolving so much two things that were common is the windows operating system and intel powered chips

Now in this always connected PC we get a mobile processor Snapdragon 835 powered laptops which is very power efficient and the laptop is said to have a all week battery life awhich is roughly claimed at 22 hours of battery backup with 258GB storage and 8gb RAM.

This is a common specification mentioned below and may be very budget friendly price and configurations can be seen in the next year.HP and ASUS has also partnered in producing this PC the rest will follow the trend shortly. HP came with a Envy x2 model and Asus with  NOVA series laptop which supports LTE and in future will support 5G as well.

Why Snapdragon 835 and why now?

As the mobile processors are becoming more powerful now a days and quietly replacing the tablet in some cases also laptop too for some users, Mobile are the primary devices they have all the time. On this year nearly all flagships except LG G6 has a Snapdragon 835 processor. As it is produced in 10 nano meter architecture and very much battery efficient and longer running time smoothly without overheating gas made them to choose Snapdragon 835 processor.

Why now?

Laptops are not like the mobile market, In mobile world people mostly upgrade every two years but in laptop the life cycle is different people usually keep it for longer time i.e. more than 4 years this processor supports gigabyte LTE and can also support 5G. Which will start launching in 2019 and get popularity by 2021 so this processor can age well.


Why it is recommended

This PC laptops are priced now around 600 to 800$ and we get a nice hardware as the processor is cost efficient the companies can give a good hardware. Also this is not a baby version of windows 10 we get full blown version which is sweet so if you were waiting for a new laptop to come at your choice this is the right one to look for.

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