Who is taking the right step Sony or Microsoft

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There are dedicated hardcore Sony fans same as with the Xbox. Both the fans support the company no matter what and buy their consoles with trust. But at the end of the day consumers all are game lovers no matter what we need excellent games to play so both the corporations are taking a multi billion dollar step we wish both of them the success but what are they upto lets find out.

Sony has said that the Ps4 pro is just a upgraded version and people need not upgrade to if they don’t want. Which is a great move all games that support Ps4 pro will also support the Ps4. So if you have the 4k television and if you need the best from Sony you can upgrade.
               Sony recently said that they are skeptical about the PSVR because they are the market leader of selling VR headsets and people are being slow adopters Sony doesn’t know how to take it forward even though they believe VR and AR are the future of gaming.

               Sony has also stated that they are dedicatedly working on the PS5 so that will come sometime in 2019 fall or 2020 for sure. But PS4 to PS5 we want have much of a difference due to the technology have not evolved much in these few years. So Sony fans are pumped about hearing the news of the PS5.
               Asking about the success of the Nintendo switch success will there be a PS Vita successor. Sony feels that mobile gaming has the future so people tend to carry only one device at a time and that is their mobile, Never say never anything can happen in the future with Sony have a lot of developers in their hand.
Microsoft has lost to the console war at-least 2:1 at this generation. Microsoft is kind even to admit it but no means it’s a bad console it is a monster on its own right.
               Microsoft were working on the project scorpio for several years now. And it is getting released this holiday which will be the most powerful console in the market. But pricing it 500$ will make it a tough sell but the hardware is worth it.
Who needs a power of PC but does not know to upgrade manually will happily buy the Xbox One X and enjoy gaming.              Xbox is also making it tougher for themselves they have stated that there may be no successor to the Xbox one. It would be incremental upgrades to the hardware every 2 years or so so that they can catch up with PC gaming. The only question is will the people upgrade more frequently like a smartphone??? Which no one knows. Only time will tell.

              Also Microsoft is trying to merge PC and Xbox gaming all the games that are Xbox exclusives are now coming to the PC too, which makes the console owners feel no point in owning a console. Microsoft doesn’t have so much game developers as Sony but definitely have the resource and money to buy developers they must do quickly and make both PC and Xbox separate to do well.

              Microsoft is also trying to do cross play with PS4 and other platforms which Sony doesn’t want to do because they are doing well. But PC Xbox and switch players now support cross play for certain games. I think Sony must do it to create healthy environment in gaming. I appreciate Xbox to take the initiative.
At the end of the day I want both to do well because all of us know competition will help improve to bring out the best of both companies. Which will bring joy to the consumers. One wrong decision can lead to the extinction of the console so its to play safe with decisions at the same time remain competitive.
Which company do you support do you think your brand is taking a right step. Please do let me know in your valuable comments

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