Why artificial intelligence is going to be the next killer feature of smartphones?

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Why artificial intelligence is going to be the next killer feature of smartphones?

Think of this how glad you would be if you come home from a very busy day, without you asking your coffee is ready and hot served by your mom. Think of another instance if your dad buys you your favourite game without asking, how glad and smile that will bring to your face which is unmatchable to anything in this world. But these are human brains and they study what you like and hate. The human brain is designed to study the activity that goes around and act accordingly.But how will it be if your phone does this its an intresting topic to discuss so i thought to share some of my opinions.

A. I why is this feature being introduced ?

All of us are living a multiple personality in  our own lives think a person being a strict boss may also be a very jovial friend also very childish with his kids. We all do this and change according to the needs and situation demands. As well as in phones we create multiple emails, twitter, facebook accounts one for personal and one for official use, Some people do carry two smartphones one with all work apps. a clean walpaper and a boring ringtone. The other one being just the opposite to fit our personality

What happens when a phone starts to learn from you?

If you are a routine person and the first thing you do every morning is to post a status the phone automatically learns and reminds you even if you forget on a busy day. Whenever you smile the moment is not lost and takes a selfie while your holding the phone. Remind you to buy milk which you regularly do when you walk into a grocery store, A phone changes to productive apps knowing your office time and mutes the social media notification and when you enter a car the map automatically displays your destination route. Or even simple task like offing your data and gps while you are at sleep to consume battery isnt this a nice feature that your phone becomes your closest buddy.

Limitations with the A. I technology

A. I is not a feature that can start from day 1 its a chipset or a machine that needs to learn from you so you have to give it some time. Every person is unique and different what may work for me may not work for you. Also it can pull out some unwanted thing at unwanted time for instance updating your favourite football teams score when you are in a meeting. So the implementation is very mich important so who is going to do this first is not the matter but who does smarter to people is going to be a game changer.

Killer feature of smartphones?

Already we have Google Now, Siri, Cortana which are voice assistants and act listening to our commands and produce result so its a long process in the making that these could be enhanced and become our AI at a passage of time. Will it be the killer feature only the time will tell but this is just the beginning towards greatness

Asus has done in its recent phone with A I which is yet to be released. Samsung is reportedly teasing something called Bixby which may be the A.I assistant which may come with a dedicated button ont the phone. htc u series launched recently also claims it learns from you ,the other companies are lg and huwavei. LG phones is going to be unveiled and we could know more about it as well as the huwavei P10. Apple may or may not have this feature in the upcoming iphone we are far away from the event.

Do you like this technology being implemented in the smartphone? Who do you think will make this concept useful to the customer? Does this intrest you please leave your opinion below.

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