Why Google Pixel 2 should be your phone of choice over the Iphone X

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Well the event is over and the expectation was high and Google did not disappoint. Already there were enough leaks and pretty much saw the full design. Still it excited everyone in the crowd. Why? Here are the reasons.
Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2
        So this is not the greatest design in the world or the most powerful phone, but the phone looks elegant and distinguish itself from the rest of the competition.
The smaller Pixel 2 is made by HTC which has got a 5 inch AMOLED full hd screen 1920×1080 screen, Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM, 2750mah battery, Android 8.0 oreo out of the box. The phone has a 12.2 mp rear camera with dual pixel technology and flash. By the way it’s a single camera but can shoot portraits it has OIS and EIS and can shoot in4k. The phone has a 8mp front camera which can also shoot portraits. The phone supports quick charging which gives 7 hours of talktime in 15 minutes.
 The phone has a improved Google Assistant. The camera has google lens, also supports augmented reality.The phone comes in three colours Blue, Black and White and priced at $649 for 64gb and 749 for the 128gb.

Pixel 2 XL
        Pixel 2 XL comes with a 6 inch POLED screen and a 3520mah battery and comes in two colours Black and White. The rest every technology is same as pixel. Nothing is been trimmed in the smaller phone like other brands do both phones are equally powerful and this phone is build by LG. The phone is priced $849 for the 64 gb variant and 949 for the 128gb variant. Also both phone does not have a headphone jack so you have to find a pair of USB Type C headphones or you have a dongle to connect your old pair. The phone supports Bluetooth 5.0 and both phones have front firing speakers.

Why these phones must be your phone of choice over the Iphone X?
• First and foremost you can get the most powerful phone for 649$ the smaller variant so you are spending a 1000$ which can make a hole in your wallet.
• Even if you choose the base model you want run out of storage. The google photos has unlimited storage for your photos and videos.
In apple you finish your iCloud storage pretty much quickly.
• Google has promised Android support for 3 years and all its security updates, which apple is doing for years now. But this time your phone want be outdated quickly.
• The camera is one of the main reason it has the greatest camera on Smartphone to date
And you want be disappointed.
• One who choose Apple for its snappy performance but missed the customisation of Android, You have a very snappy buttery smooth phone that flies and can be reliable.
• Lastly if you are invested in the Ecosystem of Google like me using all Google apps like Gmail, Maps, keep, Drive, Photos etc you are home here
So what do you think of these two Smartphones is this worth being in your pocket. Does it have everything it takes to spend your hard earned money let me know your comments

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