Why LG G6 is a winner before their competitors arrive

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The beast unleashed

LG has released their newer flagship for the year 2017 feb 26 in mobile world congress  the phone looks amazing and pretty thick so that you can hold in your hands more comfortably. The bezel to body ratios has come down significantly and also we get a taller phone. Bezel less is a way to go in 2017 and all the phones are going to follow it
lg g6
The good
Less bezels on the top and bottom
Amazing Dac for audio lovers
Dual camera setup both having the same mega poxel count
Super vibrant screen goes upto 600 nits
Google assistant with android 7.1 nougat
Large 3300 mah battery in lg standards
Dust and water resistant

The bad

Taller phone people with smaller hands might feel uncomfortable
Bloated Lg skin which is ugly
No amoled screen lg will be making a move only by 2018
Non removable battery
No snapdragon 835, lg has to br content with the snapdragon 821

Why LG G6 is the winner

Lg G6 by no means a perfect phone as i have mentioned the flaws above but why its the winner because LG has not won the competition it has won a battle within itself, The lg g5 modularity wasn’t done right the modules was gimmicky and it was pretty much a have baked concept phone i appreciate atleast they tried. The wide angle sensor was pretty much weak compared to the rear shooting 16 mp camera so lg has listened to the costumers and realy redesigned the newer version. No snapdragon 835 was pretty much a complaint even before the phone is released, but i hope its only the geeks may complain. As an average consumer the performance of the phone matters the most than the processor inside it
Finaly summing up after looking at everything the price is what it definetly matters the most after the launch of the galaxy s8 if the Lg G6 is a 100$ cheap then yeah it has a good chance also it has 45 days to take the lead before the beast arrives some good marketing and advertising will do the trick for Lg this time around.


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