Why Nintendo switch is the new trend of gaming

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Nintendo is the company we loved the most for three decades now. Nintendo is one company who believes in their system and their 1st party titles. Ask anyone of age more than 25 ask them do you know Mario. I bet they will know, that’s how they connect with people.
So after they lost their fame in Wii U sales Nintendo was not afraid to try something new and creative as always Nintendo does not fear on failures
A fresh concept

Nintendo is always the king of portable gaming like the 2Ds 3Ds and 3Ds XL its not surprising that they succeeded with the Nintendo switch. But after writing off Nintendo completely after the Wii U no one gave it a chance.
Reasons for the success of the Switch
1. Hardcore fans : As all the company does have Nintendo also have a very hardcore fan following no
matter the company does well or not the true people always support the company.
2. First party support : The best first party support you can find in the gaming industry. When the
Nintendo launched I really didn’t know, how many third party support it may get but the first
party games are the only hope Nintendo sold like hot cakes and moved out of shelves quickly.
3. 2 in 1 feature : The handheld gaming is the main feature also docking at the same time and seeing
in the big screen is just a delight. You can go back and fourth effortlessly was something we love.
4. Games Library : The switch only released with Zelda followed by Mario kart 8. There was many
forums and podcasts and blogs saying there were no games to play for the switch. Games like Spittoons 2, Arms, Mario Odyssey coming for the fall. Third party support like Skyrim. EA games coming with FIFA 18 and games like NBA 2K18 and WWE 2K18 are genuine system sellers. Rockstar games now joining Nintendo on board with LA Noire for the switch brings confidence and faith in the system.5. Nintendo Online store: Nintendo does have online support to an extent but some ports from NES classic, Nintendo 64 and some DS games will create nostalgia to game lovers they can access all their childhood favourites at one place so lets keep our fingers crossed.


Nintendo stepping up
Well yes this is the first year of the Switch what happens in the future may be your concern just like what Sony did to the Vita. There were lot of games to the Vita in the beginning and then it didn’t sell well the developers completely ignored the system.
Here the scenario is bit different already the switch has sold 5 million units and gained faith already many developers are coming forward to develop games
Also there are some promising titles like the Rime announced for 2018 and so many indie games to play I don’t think there would be any shortage of games.
Problem with the switch• Meeting up with demand is still a major issue for the company. The switch has surprised

overwhelmingly so the price of the system and bundles are overpriced in most of the countries.
• Storage issue is quickly taking a hit on Nintendo already the switch only comes with 32gb internal
space in which 25 is what user gets some big third party games like NBA is 26 gb already they need
a SD card to store at-least that’s there for now
• Nintendo Tax haven’t heard of it the Nintendo games are priced 10$ more than their competitors


because of the cartridge they have is costing them, Nintendo has to quickly do something because already what you get is a low powered version for the handheld charging more is a no brainer. But the comfort of carrying it and playing anywhere is just a comfort Midst of all the problems still the system is a joy to play for yourself or with your friends and family. Is it going to replace your XBOX one X or PS4 Pro? The answer is No.
Will you be able to play the next call of duty or Assassins Creed not sure but definitely switch is not underpowered it sits well and occupies its position in the handheld market. Its not going anywhere and its here to stay.


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