Why our mind thinks to buy new phone every year?

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Doing a lot of reasearch and comparison between your favourite smartphones and choosing an operating system is a very tough job for every buyer. Watching your famous youtubers asking your friends advice you finally decide which phone is perfect for you.
Great choice buddy you are the best person who can choose the right phone for you.


The phone you need would be entirely different from what i need. Some people eant a perfect selfie camera phone for instance oppo F1s. Some people need a better battery life for instance moto z play.
Some people need a allrounder for instance the oneplus 3T. Some prople need a stock android experience they go for google poxel
Disclaimer : No company pays for me for recommending their brand

Self realisation

Yoi might have choose the right phone with your needs with perfect ram, camera, battery life etc.
Still you would be watching the arrivals of latest phones  to keep a check on  whats happening in the phone world but this is not because of your intrest but to see whether no phones out performs your  phone. Once you feel that a phone has outperformed your phone you feel the phone in your hand is outdated. Which is a marketing technique of manufactures when a new and shiny phone arrives to thr shelf , your favourite tv shows has the ad of the phone playing in between, your social network  has the same phone ad in your timeline, the medias attention and coverage is on that phone, your telecom company sends a message its time to upgrade this is a mental game played by all to fool you.

No phone is perfect

All the major companies have a big research and development team where they develop the concepts of the upcoming phone. Why dont they make a perfect phone that is indestructible and would not be outdated for the next 5 years. Can they do it No. Why?
The technology keeps changing all the time there id nothing such as a perfect phone if everyone in the world has a phone the company cannot find a potential buyer for the new product
Thonk of an old radio or a bulky old television that lies somewhere in the corner of the house  if you try playing that you can see still it works but how?
Companies in olden days made products when there was a neccessity no one had an air conditioner or a tv a 30 years back companies had competition and wanted to make best for their customers so that they would buy their companies product so it lasted for years and years.
First consumers must understand the difference between needs and wants when you dont have one there arises a need. When you already have one and want to have a better one that is called a want

The busy online world

Online shopping has not only spoiled the small business mens life but also the buyers mentality which has seen a drastic change over the years l

Have you seen your dad always wearing a old watch and repairs it periodicaly, have you seen your mother wear an old slipper and often goes to stitch it or have you seen your uncle riding a old motor cycle which makes a huge noise but still feels thats the best but even its not true they have sacrificed their life to feed us and give a good education and a happier life to us. Its only because they have saved their money for us. But what we do is tear good clothes in the name of fashion  and move towards a horrible life.

The best phone we have made yet

The best smartphone we have made yet, is the statement all companies give on their launch event yes thats true as technology grows the newer phone is the better phone there is no doubt about that. Company claims a 50% improved performance 20% improved battery life do an average consumer is going to notice this NO. The company would not say there is a 20% hike in the price for what they offer. Can you find the difference between a snapdragon variant  and a exynos variant of samsung phone  and tell which is which variant well done you are 1% of geeks the rest 99% percent are common people.

The Golden Days

Still what everyone cherishes in their life is when you go outdoor with your friends and played your favourite sport will be still in your memories. Think off the video games world how much money you have spent just to play. Playing outdoors gives many interesting memories as well as a healthy body without any disease. The technology has ruined our lives where even a 3yr old wants an ipad if he or she wants to stop crying so one must think where we are going.


Having a technology blog this may not be a correct topic but social responsibility is more important and to enlighten others regarding the same i feel was much necessary the phone or any gadget that matters you have is the best and you only bought because you liked it not because of anyone forced you to buy it unless its not working properly you dont need to change what you have if you have lot of cash or collecting new gadgets is your hobby…. Thats your intrest
See you with something new when it happens around the corner
Lets keep rocking…… ?

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