Why PS5 in 2018 may not make sense

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Hey Gaming people hope you are playing some top noch games like horizon zero dawn , Resident evil 7, Persona 5 etc its nice to be a gamer, Playstation launched a PS4 pro some time back which excited the top of the spec nerds to upgrade even after Sony told your system is not outdated.


       Playstation 4 recently has 63 million units shipped still now going at a steady pace at the end of the holiday season we may see a price drop and some smash hit games to take it to 70 to 72 million units at the end of the year.
       Playstation 4 was releast towards the end of 2013 and now we are on the fourth year so soon we are having rumours on the Playstation 5 which made me excited as well as a bit concerned so i wanted to share what i thought with you guys


Game Library 
 The PS2 is the most sold console in the world over 150 million units. And it had around 2400 decent games released to its library on its life span and we could not have played many intresting or addictive games because there was plenty.

PS3 had one of the largest life span of around 9 years and had a 1600 decent games which was remarkable the gaming industry was in transition with big open world games and rpg titles which made full use of the power of PS3.

PS4 at launch did not have plenty of games on the launch year and just peeking now with decent games where the developers are working on this system. I dont know the exact number but i definey know its no where near to PS3 s numbers when ir comes to games.

Time in Development
A good AAA games take anywhere between 2 to 5 years to finish and get released. As well as the budget is high the consumers also expect a good  rounded up game than a half baked game. For eg The Last Guardian started on PS3 and ended up being a PS4 title due to various reasons so you never know as time fly.

Physical Copy takes a hit
Its also been rumoured that PS5 will not have a cd drive you never know but with Playstation network they have been doing the sane for years now. They want us to stream and download from the Playstation plus. There are pretty good offers and good games for free if you are a member. But you have to know there are so much countries in the world still does not have a decent internet connection and still use their Playstation completely offline they play only the game in the disc they don’t know anything about DLCs and expansion or power packs or customs skins, weapons etc.

DLCs and other online stuff
In olden days you would have played many games so as me we all would have experienced the same but now its not the case even after buying a game even the DLCs are free most people could not download due to poor internet connection and game developer charges more prices for custom weapons, characters etc which is a shame .
        Why DLC have you ever thought of it, the games are big now a days so due to their pressure of finishing they release the game early and then release their DLCs so what is the point i am making here is making a game is not easy and it takes time.
Consoles are no longer a childrens toy
Consoles like nintendo 64 and PS1 was very popular back then where we sit with our best friends and do multiplayer gaming which was fun as hell now we play with someone whom even we dont see. Now the games are more explicit contains more violence and nudity not all but most. Also the levels and puzzles are created in such a way surely they may need a adults help to finish some parts of the game.
                 Back then we had one console and 50 plus games for our beloved consoles. We would never sell our games as we are personaly attached to it. Now also we have games but we trade or sell games used games has become a new growing concept. Which also show how it has become expensive which could be only afforded by adults.

What can be done
I know there are people who can afford it and hardcore gamers need the best out of best from the console. Instead of making the whole console updated they can design in such a way that essential components can be changed by Sony itself to make it like a modular box. So instead of a 500$ upgrade people can do a 100 to 200$ upgrade which may be a good solution.
Everyone are not early adopters PS3 just now has stopped production many of them are now moving towards PS4 so around late 2018 there may be 90 to 100 million users so introducing a new box would not do any good for sony. Even if they do that PS5 games should be able to play in PS4 atleast in the Pro lineup which it is definetly capable ofso who knows we are more than a year behind to know anything this is just based on the rumours. Do you agree are you hyped about the PS5 let me know.

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