Why samsung galaxy s8 will do well even if they are not innovative?

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Why samsung galaxy s8 will do well even if they dont innovate?

Samsung has the leading market share of android. Because of their vast diversity lineup with entry level phones to midrange as well as flagship. They have concentrated all segment and have created a strong audience. Now s8 is around the corner there are rumours sorrounding daily that there may be two variants of the phone the samsug galaxy s8 and the s8+ samsung has already told that it wont increase the size of the phone but only the screen to body ratio. The screen sizes are expected to be 5.7 inches and 6.3 inches for the two variants

Why samsung galaxy s8 will be the best selling phone ever?

There are a few reasom why strongly we predict samsung will do well this year the reasons are as follows
After the failure of note 7 samsung wanted to retain their customers  so the people were in a verge to switch to iphones so samsung provided their s7 and s7 edge for half the price to certain country customers with a promise that they will upgrade next year to the new phone.
Samsung has ordered all the new soc of the very powerful snapdragon 835 the other competitors like lg htc and others dont have a powerful device as this atleast for now so that samsung will be a way ahead of the competitors
Samsung always shows their phone in mwc (mobile world congress) and release the phone in march this time they are not in a hurry to bring the phone out so that will bring fear to the competitors.
Samsung has recently released a video of how careful they are with their quality check that denotes that they are extremely careful this time
Samsung has recently filled a patent name for their new artificial intelligence which is called samsung hello this may seem to be a direct competion for google assistant
So would you guys will upgrade to the new s8 or will wait for the new note 8 which will release Q4 2017 leave your comments below.

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