Why Sony must make a next portable console

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Sony in Portable Gaming

People are going to laugh when i say this. Sony is successful in portable gaming console and definitely they have to make a sequel to it.

PSP was launched back in 2003 and till now it has sold 82 million units making it one of the top 10 selling console of all time. Please do note its not top 10 in portable but of all consoles.

Quite often it was compared with the Nintendo DS which sold nearly 130 million units and PSP was considered as failure. But even back then PSP was way ahead in power of the DS.

Playstation launched a PS Vita aroind 2012 and promised console quality games in your hand and nearly two years they kept up the word. PS Vita hardware is hands down the powerful hardware with touch controls in front and back. As well as AI capabilities.

But it is compared with the 3DS and offcourse Vita is no match to the 3DS in salea. While in the Nintendo direct it is releasing games for the 3DS in 2019. Thats how yoi support yoir console. Sony must learn.

Playstation Vita is now in 10 to 15 million units and there are quite loyal fans of Sony and still it is selling well in Japan. Even an average game is received well in the platform. Think how it will be if there is first Party Support like Nintendo.

Playstation has filed a patent recently which shows us a tablet like model with two grips with buttons and trigger buttons at the back will it be 2 in 1 home/portable console. Will it see the light or will Sony ditch it we nevee know. Because all concepts are not going to be made.

As Microsoft having backwards compatible possible. Think of a Xbox portable which has entire library can be played on the GO, Well Microsoft can try it they have nothing to lose. But Sony has always taken risk and not afraid to try of new things must definetely bring a competition to the Nintendo switch.

Competition is always better for the consumer we get options to choose from. We get quality content from the developers. Sony has enough money they must learn from their mistakes give first party support does not lose hope. Shpuld not use properitory cables, changers or SD card. If Sony can give a good product customers are ready to accept it with open hands.

If they can purchase few indie developers and few small game making companies dedicatedly working on the portable platform no one is going to complaim. Graphics does not matter is proven by Nintendo games what people want is fun of gaming.

People does not want AAA massive games like last of us and horizon zero dawn or a water downed version which plays like crap. Make games that can run by the hardware make cartoon games, anime games, platformers, visual novels, rpgs, horrors etc.

PS5 is around the corner and PS Vita is near to dead we really need a portable from Sony as their hardcore fans what do you guys think

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