Why T concept of Oneplus is hated by fans???

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So this a quick look of this topic last year Oneplus released a phone Oneplus 3T which was a minor upgrade from the Oneplus 3 which released 6 months earlier. With all the flagships releasing a 821 chipset Oneplus also wanted to do a minor refresh to be competitive and they told this a onetime thing don’t expect this every year.
                So then released a Oneplus 5 which is arguably the best phone on a budget with a flagship line specification and camera. So now there is a rumour surrounding in the tech world that a Oneplus 5T will be released with a minor upgrade with a 18:9 aspect ratio which is a trend in the market


What makes the fans angry
Oneplus has a caption of never settle so they are wanting to give a best phone to the fans as the market changes which is a good thing. The fans are feeling cheated as they feel their phone is outdated in 6 months which no one likes.
                  My question is can you go and buy every phone released in the market. For example people who bought the Oneplus 3 didn’t feel the 3T as an upgrade, they waited for the Oneplus 5. Same is the case with 3T users didn’t feel the Oneplus 5 as an upgrade so is the case. Who needs a phone particularly at that point has an option to buy the best in the market.
                 So you think this is a paid article of saying good about Oneplus no your wrong, this is a practice done by many companies in the past and there is nothing new.When you have to grow and expand in several market you just can’t do with a single phone.
    Take eg of Smartphone giant Samsung it would release a J7 a few months later it releases J7 prime with better specs. Then would release a J7 max with a larger display. Take eg of Sony it had Xperia line of Smartphones which had a 6 month refresh cycle of 6 month Z1 to Z2 to Z3. Take a recent eg of Motorola they released Moto G5 their most sold phones in the next 3 months they released a G5S which also made the fans angry.

                So this is not a trend only oneplus follows at the end of the day they are a company and they need to grow and earn profit which is their main goal as a company. So everyone has to understand this concept and make your purchase decisions accordingly as a customer its our hard earned money and its our responsibility than complaining the company.

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