Why the modern age gaming is boring in this Digital World???

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I am one among you those who are born in the 90s where you can call as the golden age of gaming. If you ask me what excites me more after playing games is going to a game store and getting lost in the world of games that’s arranged in a shelf.
           Have you ever gone deciding to buy a specific game and ending up buying more games just by getting excited by the cover poster or reading the story on the back of the cover.Add mr to the list too I am also one of those

  Have you rushed back home and opened your disc and amazed reading the gaming guide and get to know all the characters and story and origin. And learned the control of the game.

Have you gone to a friends house for playing your most favourite game with the disc and forgot to take it back. Remember the good old days you both fought for the game to finish first everyone must have done at one point.

The sense of belongingness emerges when you see at the shelves even after so many years there are lot of games lying around the corner. Whenever I need I can pop into respective consoles and start playing.
   There may be so much exclusive stuffs steel books action figures, t-shirts and more that would remind you of the good old memories of the game and which you would cherish for a lifetime.

Digital world
I don’t have to talk much regarding the digital world what now has changed is the emergence of unfinished game, glitchy games and game updates that eat our data.
  We enter the world of DLC is even worse charging more for packs, weapons, characters, also the in app purchases like themes, bonus contents makes us spend more over the 60$ where we shed initially.
So four to five games brings it down to the price of the console.People expect more realistic AAA titles which are open world, graphics intensive and voice acting which makes the game years and years to develop. Which made the developers to move towards those type of games that had led to losing of small indie games which we play for relaxation or something out of the box.

This trend must end because everyone is not a open world fan or a rpg fan.There are some casual gamers who just want to pick up the controller and play something quickly.
All the games stored on the local ssd which leads to frequent deletion of games. And have to download it all over again which is time consuming. What if the server fails and you can’t access them when you want. What happens the game developers have a dispute and remove their games from the store due to licence issues Your purchases are gone and gone for good. So digital world does not comfort if we think long term.Except the discounts and purchasing from the comfort of your house there is nothing I can find interesting. Moreover you are just going to miss a lots of fun.
Next Generation of Gaming
The next Generation of gaming such as PS5 and Xbox Two whatever they call is said to be coming without a physical disc drive where you go fully digital. But there are still countries who doesn’t have solid connection of Internet where they can’t access online features in a game. People don’t use Playstation Plus and Playstation Now or even Xbox gold membership. People still buy physical disc and its their only form of entertainment.

If this is the Scenario people who are selling games and set up their livelihood in selling games are going to go totally bankrupt. Already Gamestop and. Walmart are reporting decline in sales year after year.
So its not only about them its also about us, its not bad to keep up with the technology but it’s also important for us to ask ourselves the question are we missing all the fun??? So its in our hands to make it more fun and enjoying our games by owning them also not destroying anyones bread.
So what do you think guys have you also felt like this or you feel something different let me know your opinions.

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