Why you should not buy the 10th anniversary Iphone?

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So one of the major news every day is about the new Iphone which is all set to release this coming September. So there are various rumours sorrounding it some may be there some may change by time this article points out some major things that to be considered and also there are better options so lets see th one by one

The newer Iphone whatever its name may be the rumour suggests that the base model may start from 1000$ which is a very steap price. Its nearly touching the macbooks in terms of the price. So just imagine if you want to buy a 256 gb model which may touch a 1200$

Losing functionality his years Iphone 
Pay more and get less features is being the trend by Apple lately. For what in the world they took the headphone jack we don’t know which is a shame now there is going to be know touch id.
           Touch id is one of the core feature of an Iphone and barely made it to the macbook this year. Instead it is going to have a 3d facial recognition technology.  We dont know how apple is planning it to be secure we saw in the Galaxy S8 which didn’t kerp up well
Biometric lack
Apple was rumoured to make the touch id underneath the displayand tr but the lack of time and mass producing it for this years Iphone may not be possible but it would definitely make it to the next Iphone so its worth the wait.

The front of the phone may be mostly filled with the display but we recently see many people are complaining that the S8 and G6 cracks easily.
            Already the iphone is rounded and slippery this year they are going to move to glass so it would be even more slippery. As we all know Iphone patented a sapphire display a few years back if some of protection is made into the display it would be a relief in the minds of the customers.

As we know the vertical camera orientation looks awkward  and truely a disappointment for me personally for the amount they charge if there is a hump at the back then it will look even more ugly.
The competition has become so close there is no place to survive without delivering good products by any company that matter. There may be a huge discount on offer for the LG G6 ans Galaxy S8. It would be the time of launch of the Note 8 and puxel 2. Already oneplus5 is only 479$ aith 8gb of Ram and killer specifications we can also expect the LG V30 so its really a tough sell for the IPhonr.

But we know every year Apple sells more phones even though the analyst don’t predict well but if there are some surprises i would be more than happy. This article is not to bash apple but if we wait for the next iphonr these flawa may be corrected and wfo knows we may get our dream IPhone.
How excited are you to get this Iphone do let us know any suggestions or questions are welcomed

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