Why you should not think twice before switching to Jio network

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First of all I thank all the readers who read this, to make it clear for the information readers Jio is a sim card network available in India it may be irrelevant to you but trust me its worth your read i am going to discuss something insane.

And for those who think this is a paid promotion for Jio, I dont work or a dealer and i am not benefited by any means the article is unbiased those who think that way can stop reading at this point
There were so much promotions going over and offers i didn’t discuss any Jio topics because i really wanted to test before saying to my beloved audience
So there were many issues with data being slow, frequent call drops and bad network coverage at this point i can say you 90% of the problem is sorted out and its smooth.
What i discovered
There is a reason why i brought this topic to you right now, Lets take the US or UK where high speed networks are available there are many network companies like Verizon, T mobile, Sprint, Vodafone etc they offer plans which are unlimited some networks offer 10$ unlimited where you get 5gb LTE or 4g data and free calls and SMS. For 20$ they provide 10gb high speed data and free calls and SMS. After that it switches to a reduced speed. (The amount specified is just a rough example it may vary(
These kind of unlimited plans are assumed cheaper in the US ans UK so 10$ is roughly 640 rs for 5gb data and 20$ is roughly 1280 rs is quite cheap there. A year or too back i would have agreed because we were paying 265 rs for a Gig nearly 4$ and 1299 rs for 5gb internet which is roughly 20.2$ so now what Jio is offering
Jio plans
Jio asked you to pay Rupees 99 for becoming their prime member which is roughly 1.5$ Just like Amazon prime to get their exclusive offers for a period of 1 year.
           Next their plans offer 309 rs for 28 days they give 1 gb of high speed data after that in a reduced speed for each day, for 3 months here it is 84 days so you get 84gb at 309 rs which we asume as 5$ for 3 months. Dont get shocked this is just their basic plan
           For 499 rs 8$ roughly you get daily 2gb data for 84 days which is 168gb for 3 months which is really insane which makes it one of the cheapest network in the world. with their additional offerings like Jio music, Jio Cinema, Jio maga and others its realy a sweet deal.
What has Jio done to India
Jio was officialy launched on Sept 5 which continuously gave 6 months of free data voice valls, data and SMS to build their customer base and capture the market. Now after they started charging people want ro go back to their old network, but according to me its still the cheapest and the network to beat.
It has brought smartphones nearly to everyone and made us more social. As well as it has reduced our time by doing our work online and has helped becoming cashless so that we could do online transactions through internet also pay our essential bills.
It has also equaled the number of data consumed by the US which is a milestone in US they consume a lot of data so when we have equaled it, its through the free offer provided for 6 months. New people started using internet banking, Mobile Banking, Wallets, Google Maps, Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. So we have become more powerful our voice can be heard by the Government easily. It also reduced the burden of the Government to reach people to give Information which has now become easy to communicate.
Still if you stick with your network its well and good you may have strong reason to stick with it, But never you can say Jio is a bad network at the end of the day its we the people who are benefited
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