Xbox Game Pass is it Worth it???

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Internet is buzzing around everywhere after Xbox launched its Game pass service which costs 10$ a month. Just like a subscription system like Netfix and Amazon Prime etc.

Xboz has also promised its newer games will be added to it like upcoming Crackdown 3 and state of decay 2. Unlike the Playstation now you don’t have to stream the game. You can download the full game to your console and stay connected to the internet to play.

Xbox fans were not really happy after XBOX took the console exclusivity and releasrd all games on PC which could be played on Windows as well.

They feel that there is know reason to own an Xbox, but still Xbox One X os the most superior console out there, people started to feel its just a rip off for the most loyal customers.

Xbox as a well known brand now taking a very different approach in my view point its a safe and good path. Microsoft does not want to go toe to toe with Sony but still make a ton of money

This was a long time coming from Xbox, Just imagine they launched backwards compatibility so now you can play Xbox games the 360 games and Xbox one games for 10$ a month that is one heck of a deal.

An average person can spend 10$ a month that is 120 dollars a year roughly two AAA games. Any Xbox fan would atleast buy two games a year but now they are getting a lot of games with so many added everytime.

Think if Microsoft game pass as an app releasrd to Sony and Nintendo or PC, Macs etc as hardwares are becoming more powerful they can run most games in the future. And look the potential how much money they can make out of it.

I personaly asked a question to Phil Spencee via twitter while i may or may not receive a answer i was so curiois asking myself,

A million dollar question what if Microsoft makes a tablet like the switch and affordable price point and enter the world of competition to PS vita and Nintendo switch. With gamepass accesaable on the go that can make portable gaming possible definitely they cam do it.

Microsoft is listening to the fans and doing lot of good things lately if you keep asking the hardcore fans this is very likely possible

What do you think with cloud saves and gamepass a tablet with attached grips or a 2 in 1 hybrid console with 1000s of games accesaable at our fingertips

What do you think of the Gamepass what do you think of the Xbox portable please do let us know it will be a dream come true for all of us.

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