Xiaomi Black Shark phone all you need to know

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Black shark is one of the company owned by Xiaomi has come up with a new phone which can compete with the razer phone. The design also replicates that with rugged design and a green S logo on the centre.

The phone cones with a 5.99 inch full hd+ display it also has 6 or 8 gb RAM and 64 or 128 gb storage. It comes with a top of the line flagship Snapdragon 845 processor. The phone has a f1. 7 aperture 12mp camera and also a 20mp selfie camera.

The phone also has a dedicated button to optimise gaming performance, also it has a liquid cooling technology which allows to throttle performance when it reaches to maximum and keep it 8 degrees cooler than the normal phone. It does not have a 120hz display refresh rate but have a 60hz display which is enough for mobile gaming at the moment.

The phone also comes with a dedicated controller that can be attached to one side of the phone. It is a separate accessory for 29$ which can be purchased and the good thing is it can work with many phones on the market its not only for the Black shark. It can come handy in some games like PUBG and fortnite.

The pricing is somewhere around 32000 Rs for the base model roughly 480$ and 36000 Rs for the higher model roughly 530$ which also makes the cheapest Snapdragon 845 phone in the market.

Already the razer phone was well appreciated by the critics for its speaker the black shark phone has a downward firing speaker and the earpiece doubling down to give the stereo effect.

If you want a rugged phone with wonderful specifications at a decent price you can look for this phone. Because if you are a casual gamer this phone is not neccessary. But even as a phone this looks like a complete packagem

Definitely gamong phone is a niche market as we see a sudden rise in popularity of mobile games last year it started with mario run, now many first person shooter from console making its way as well as mpbile processor becoming so powerful definetly gaming phones demand will rise in coming years. Also Mario kart said coming in 2019 its a exciting future to look forward

Would you buy this phone for its specification or for gaming capabilities how well do you like the phone??? Is a very good Disscussion leave your valuable comments

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