Xiaomi Mi6 launched

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Xiaomi is a leading smartphone manufactures of china has released their 2017 flagship of the year 2017 the Mi6 on April 19. This is a succesor to the Mi5 last year which received mixed reviews.

           After than Xiaomi got people confused with their variants like the Mi5s Mi5c Mi5pro. Most phones are exclusive to China which did not make it to the other parts of the world.
Xiaomi second home is india they just came before a few years and captured the lower and mid segment truely by offering good hardware at an affordable price. They are having a good run with redmi note 4 which is one of the hottest selling phones.


Mi6 Specification 
Mi6 has unveiled 2 variants of the phone which is Mi6 ans Mi6 ceramic. The Mi6 maintains a smaller form factor which is a releif for many as the phones are going crazy 6 inches.         Mi6 has a 5.15 inch full hd display comes with a snapdragon 835 processor which is built in 10 nano meter architecture. Xiaomi comes with a Antutu score of well over 1, 84, 300 so there will be no slow down .

         It also comes with a 6gb Ram 64gb on board storage for the base model which is pretty good. The camera is a dual lens of 2 camera with 12mp one being the main camera ans the other being the telephoto lens. Also it takes portrait mode photos and called the same as well.
         The phone has a 3350 mah battery with quick charging hope we get a nice stand by time and on screen time due to the smaller screen and a full hd display paired with a very power efficient chip.           The phone is dust and splash ressistant to an extent as well as its sim tray is protected but not IP certified like the samsung Galaxy S8 but i dont complaint for the price.

             The phine has a 2x zoom and  4 axis OIS stabilization so the video must be good as well as the ceramic variant had a 18k gold rims on the ceramic version
         The phone has a dual speaker set up just as the iphone where the ear piece also acts as a speaker moreover they have omitted the headphone jack. That too similar to the Iphone they have made the phone 7.4 mm thicker i dont know why they have done this may be a deal breaker to many.The phone also has a 2×2 speed for wifi and data which is said to increase speed and connectivity. The phone is roughly priced at 2499 Yuan 24000 rs or 399$ for 64gb + 6 gb model, 2899 yucan 27000 rs or 430$ for the 128gb + 6gb ram. The ceramic model comes slightly priced more with 2999 Yuan, 30000 rs or 479$

It comes in 3 colour variants black, blue ans silver so considering the other flagship this is bank for your buck and getting the bleeding edge technology
So would you buy the phone or skip it due to lack of headphone jack or you are buying some other phone. Your comments can be given below intrested in reading your opinions
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